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  1. ان بناءالامم يبتدي من هنا من منصة الابتكارومن خلال اثتثمارالعقل البشري وعبر جسورالمعرفة ينطلق الخيال العلمي الي قمم مدن الابداع *** م/محمدمصطفي احمد ( ابوقصي )

  2. Dears,

    It seems to be an interested invention in reusing this polluted wastewater.I just want to connect it with another idea which I was involved on it as a construction Engineer in our EX petroleum company called Bio-remediation Process, the question now could we link your researches with it in order to get the extreme benefit to our environment. For your reference the BIOREMEDIATION BIOLOGICAL PROCESS is as follow:

    Generally bioremediation is the optimization of the natural biodegradation process. Bacteria can alter and break down contaminants, transforming them into harmless substances.

    Phytoremediation can be defined as the use of plants to achieve the conditions necessary to facilitate the breakdown of contaminants.

    Wetland plants, such as reeds, transfer atmospheric oxygen down through their roots in order to survive in waterlogged conditions.

    This creates a healthier soil environment with pockets of both aerobic and anaerobic activity. These conditions provide a suitable environment for a wide range of microbial species to flourish.

    The most important thing No chemicals are added

    Hope this will clarify the idea.

    Many thanks

  3. This is an exciting sorry to learn about it late.However since this is based on ICN 1974.i would suggest the event to include presentation onn food base nutrition approach one if the recomendation and outcome of the ICN2 held in Rome.the concept is based on integrated farm production development of SMEs involvement of youth,research,empowerment of women etc.the project aims at developnent of SMEs and will contrubute in alleviation of malnutrition and prevention of non communicable diseases
    I wish i have time to contribute with short presentation or discussion.
    I know dr Warsma may have some background on such integrated farms

  4. This is an exciting event I have the pleasure to participate on it and to tackle matters about our beloved country in the field of agriculture the mean that can enhance development in Sudan and eliminate poverty in rural areas

  5. great conference with great scientists , we are looking for the conclusions and programmes for implementation of this vision. .

    best wishes. .

  6. حلو جدا ،،لكن حقيقي عندي ملاحظه صغيره كده ،،،اتصور انو حضور مؤتمر ،ماجايزه ،،اذا فزت وكنت غير متفرغ في وقت الجايزه ما العمل ؟،،ضروري الجايزه تكون شيئ محفز اكتر ،ولكم فائق حبي

  7. Great opportunity for creative youth in Sudan to reflect on their positive thoughts.. all the best..

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