Drivers of sustainable innovation push, pull or policy

Stephen Liddle, Southern Cross University, Australia
Siham El-Kafafi, Manukau Institute of Technology, New Zealand

Abstract: We are living in an era of rapid technological change where innovation rates continue to increase exponentially. Accordingly, countries who wish to be active in the novel technology market will need to understand what drives and ultimately determines innovation. This research is a part of a bigger study investigating the determinants of innovation in the New Zealand biotechnology sector. It reports on preliminary findings of a thematic analysis of interviews conducted with senior figures in research, development and commercialisation businesses in the New Zealand biotechnology field. Specifically, this paper attempts to answer the research question “What are the drivers of innovation in the sustainable innovation paradigm”. In doing so, the constructs of Technology Push, Market Pull and Policy Intervention are explored along with a range of related and contributing management concepts.
Keywords: business innovation, innovation determinants, biotechnology and sustainable development.

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