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Photo of Imad Hassanein

Imad Hassanein

Translator/IELTS Tutor UNOCHACIS/Translation Unit



Location: Khartoum, Sudan Website: LinguaSudan – UstazImad


I am the Head of Translation Unit (TU), the Arabic/English translation unit of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Khartoum, Sudan. I collectively have over 11  years’ experience in public information, reporting and translation at the international level between Governments, NGOs and Humanitarian Country Team donors and partners active in humanitarian action in Sudan as well as other media relation services to diplomatic missions and INGOs. My experience extends to over thirty years deemed indispensable to my previous posts as a Public Information Officer/Translator for both the UK Embassy in Khartoum and OCHA Sudan as well as a strong background in office work and paraphernalia with international institutions and experience working closely with OCHA Front Office and the UN Resident Coordinator’s Support Office (RCSO) in Sudan dealing with professionals of diverse backgrounds.

Formal training courses in:

  • Humanitarian Action, (Mombasa, Kenya)
  • Dealing with the media, (British Council)
  • Report writing / Writing that Works (British Council)
  • Interpreting course ( InZone project of the University of Geneva)
  • OCHA ERR’s FIRST in Vienna, Austrian in October 2015.
  • Bilingual web site publishing platforms by the UK FCO in London and Dubai (in charge of the British Embassy’s bilingual website, Khartoum, Sudan, for three years)

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