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Photo of Olivia Joseph-Aluko

Olivia Joseph-Aluko

CEO Reinvent African Diaspora Network (RADET)Social Justice Advocate


Location: Chatham, UK


Olivia Joseph- Aluko LLB, B.L, MA (law) is a Social justice advocate, with a proclivity for social issues impacting on Black Africans. She started her career in law in Nigeria, Africa, where she qualified as a Solicitor and Barrister in 1992. Since then Olivia has served in different establishments in Africa and the UK within the justice sector. Olivia is the CEO of Reinvent African Diaspora Network (RADET) an educational initiative that exists in furtherance of sustainable development goals in Africa. She currently works with different organisations including the Nous Mental Health organisation and the African Security forum in addressing the causes of inequality security and exclusion within the society. Olivia is a writer and the Author of Africans in the UK, Migration, Integration and Significance.

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