HIV/ Sexual Health

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My main motive is to help vulnerable people who find themselves at risk for HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections. I founded with a group on enthusiatic friends and colleagues SUDAN HIV/AIDS Working Group (SHAWG) in 2008. since then SHAWG has made few ecouraging steps to improve the knowlege and awareness of Health Care professionals in the Sudan. We have created good links with universites ( Kasala and Kordofan) and organisations of people living with HIV/AIDS. we encourage and participate in research and teaching. As a chairman for SHAWG I have ambitions to spread our activities to cover all the country and reach out for the needy people. The spread of syphilis, hepatitis B, Gonorrohea and othe lethal bugs can only be stopped by confrontation, knowlege and awarenss. please visit our website:

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