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Hello , I hoe You’re doing well and staying safe! My name’s Rayan Alnour Zakaria . I’m Student at Gadarif University , Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences .Because of my interest in the fields of Global Public Health , International Human Rights and Peace & Justice Studies , I decided to transfer to study in the US and pursue my passion and interest in these fields. Recently , I received admission acceptance from the following Universities : New York University , Pace University , Berkeley University and Louisiana State University . I received a financial aid package from Pace University and NYU that covers only half of the tuition fees . I decided to attend Pace University. I’m reaching out because I need to benefit from this organization’s resources , information and networks . I know many of the members have studied abroad and have gone through the experience of living outside Sudan .Well I’m a 22 year’s old girl who has never been out of my hometown and about to be thrown into the middle of New York’s crazy life . I’m so sorry for the long email . To who’s out there please forward this message to Mr.Alam or anyone can help me. I know that Sudan Knowledge doesn’t support individuals but I’m reaching out to receive personal support I need help finding a sponsor to vouch for me so I could receive my F1 VISA so I could travel to the US and start my next semester in Pace University. I come from a very poor family. They can’t sponsor me because they don’t have enough money in their bank account . Kust to be clear, I’m not asking for money. I only need a sponsorship whether it’s from a person , an agency or an organization so the embassy can give the visa. Again I apologize for the long email . I can provide my admission documents and acceptance letter and any document related to my topic. I’m waiting for your response ASAP. And please forward my email to any who can help me. I’ll add my whats-app/Telegram PNO :. +249119499846 Kind Regards , Rayan Alnour Zakaria. Alqadarif. Alqadarif State .Sudan

This email has been sent via a form on the منصة السودان للمعرفة website.