Masters Dissertation Intervie

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Dear Malik, My name is Lottie and I am a Masters Student at SOAS University of London. I am currently conducting research for my Development Studies dissertation on how diaspora-led development organisations are helping to decolonise the development space in sub-Saharan Africa and wondered if you might be able to spare some time in the next few weeks to have a quick chat with me about this topic. The interview would be conducted over Zoom and shouldn’t take longer than 30-40 minutes. It would involve me asking you a few questions about Diaspora Ventures and how you see your organisations’ work in relation to decolonising development. I would be happy to send you some general questions beforehand so you have an idea of where the discussion might go but really I am just interested to hear your thoughts and learn about your organisation and career first-hand to support my research. Please let me know if this is something you might be interested in. I understand you must be very busy so I am very grateful for you taking the time to read this and look forward to hearing back from you when you get the chance. Thank you so much. Kind regards, Lottie Leigh

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