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Tell the world about the BEST OF SUDAN

Sudan Knowledge (SK) is very pleased to announce the official launch of the BEST OF SUDAN award recognising everything about Sudan particularly the recent uprising; people; culture; history; business, etc. The BEST OF SUDAN will be launched by Sudan Knowledge and the World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) during the 6th International Diaspora Conference 2019 hosted by the University of East London, London – UK (Saturday 8 – Sunday 9 June 2019) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO), London – UK (Thursday 20 – Friday 21 June 2019). Many people across the world they don’t know much about Sudan. Until recently (2011, split into Sudan and South Sudan), Sudan used to be the largest country in Africa and the Middle East and 9th largest in the world. Sudan has boasted the “largest farm in the world” in the Gezira irrigated Cotton scheme, the “world’s largest sugar-producing complex” in the Kenana project and was also until recently the “biggest producer of Gum Arabic in the world”. Sudan was optimistically referred to as an “Awakening giant” by the hype merchants of the 1970s, and its vast plains were seen by development experts as a potential “bread-basket” – either for Africa or for the Arab World across the Red Sea and therefore Sudan will be one of the largest agricultural power in the world. We are looking for creative, funny or serious, inspirational stories about the BEST OF SUDAN which is engaging and has potential to become a viral success, see helpful tips and guidelines below. For the first year (2019),we will launch two award categories: (A) Best of Sudan Uprising Video Competition (B) Best of Sudan Individual and/or Organisation Achievement.
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