Peace, security, youth, gender, migration and good governance 

Aim and background

Today’s diaspora community is one that is fully active as opposed to yesterday’s passive community. This continuous active behaviour has significantly changed the role and responsibility of the diaspora community in peace building , security and governance both positively and negatively ( depending on the vantage point ). In negotiating the cultural home differences and grasping the host culture , the diaspora community has moved from a very passive position to becoming an active community. The diaspora community faces an identity crisis (hybrid culture ) coupled with vulnerable events at home and in their host country which acts as a push and pull factor to hamper on peace, security and stability at home and host country. The recent increase participation of the Diaspora community as foreign fighters , home grown terrorist, refugees, Migrants in conflict related matters has put the diaspora community on a state of alert and negative perception. This negative perception can only change if the diaspora community becomes fully engaged and takes responsibility in Peace building and governance as an integral part of the host community.

This crucial session will examine in various angles, how the active diaspora community can effectively contribute to conflict prevention, management and conflict resolution as foundations for achieving peace and good governance in this fragile atmosphere of general suspicion and fear.

Panel Members

David Otto (Moderator)
Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Expert
TGS Intelligence Consultants Ltd.
London – United Kingdom

Dr. Olajumoke Okoya
MBA Director
Royal Docks School of Business and Law
University of East London
London – United Kingdom

Temitope Olodo 
Nigeria Diaspora Security Forum (NDSF)
Political Analyst and Author
London – United Kingdom

Dr. Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda
Executive Director and Associate Professor
North American Integration and Development Center
Division of Social Science
University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA)
California – United States

Dauda Bivan Amos 
Kaduna State College of Education Gida- Waya
Kafamchan – Nigeria

Omesham Noelle Oputa 
Doctoral Researcher
Development Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies
Univeristy of London
London – United Kingdom

Olivia Joseph-Aluko
Social justice Advocate
CEO, Reinvent African Diaspora Network (RADET)
Author “Africans in the UK, migration, integration and significance
London – United Kingdom

Samuel M.B. Tukura
Principal Lecturer
Kaduna State College of Education Gida- Waya
Kafamchan – Nigeria