7th 2019

7th Diaspora International Conference 2019

Sudan SMARTDEV Conference

مؤتمر السودان للتنمية الذ كية

28-29 December 2019
Friendship Hall, Khartoum – Sudan


DAY 1 Saturday 28 December 2019               DAY 2 Sunday 29 December 2019    

Pre-Conference Workshop                 Post-Conference Workshop  

The aim of this conference is to ensure that Sudanese Diaspora groups are involved in the development and review of policies that impact on the future of Sudan. They are consulted with regard to the objectives and desired outcomes of the policy, and the best means of achieving the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SD) in Sudan. The conference will therefore critically address the question of how Sudan can achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda and to provoke forward thinking on the role of Sudanese diaspora in the future of Sudan.

<b>Smart Development</b>

Smart Development refers to development characterized by sustainability, and efficiency, in response to tremendous global technological developments, influenced by social, economic, cultural, scientific and educational characteristics. In this context, the conference aims to discuss and explore various approaches and different ways which can contribute to the analysis, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and dissemination of SD goals and objectives. The conference aims to develop a new SD model which is intelligent and decentralised. While the main theme of the conference is Smart Development but there are other topics which will be discussed during the conference such as other Development Models; Urbanisation; Development and History; Enterprise Development; Human Capital; Industrial Sector; Agricultural Sector and Services Sector.

This multi-disciplinary conference is part of our SK Diaspora Conference Series aims to provide the participants the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences from all over the world on major global issues; the emphasis is on the importance of evidence-based planning to overcome the challenges facing Sudan’s efforts to achieve a sustainable future. For more details watch presentations from our previous events. The conference program will include: an international conference; start-ups; social enterprise competitions; an exhibition; an investment symposium; and a social program including tourist excursions and visits to investment projects in Sudan.

This exciting conference will bring together international experts and high level Sudanese Diaspora (students, researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, ordinary citizen) from the public and private sectors to share their strategic vision on the critical situation in Sudan and how the Diaspora can contribute to help Sudan achieve a sustainable and inclusive SD. The conference will analyse the status quo of Sudan uprising and the current challenges facing Sudan to achieve its objectives as well as the different dimensions and perspectives of the likely future challenges and the changing global paradigms.

For Sudan to succeed in the future, Sudanese youth must be equipped with all necessary skills and capabilities to mange and adapt to future challenges. We therefore encourage the participation of youth in the debate and we are keen to make their voices heard and consequently enabling the decision makers to consider those views and ideas in their big decisions.

It is hoped that the conferences will be a good opportunity for all Sudanese diaspora to reflect on their knowledge and experience for Sudan’s efforts to achieve SD. New perspectives on how these can be improved to better serve their goals will be developed. The conference also aim to learn lessons from the successful communities across the world.

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