7th Diaspora DAY1 – Saturday 28 DEC 2019

7th Diaspora DAY1 – Saturday 28 DEC 2019

<strong>DAY 1</strong>

(08:30-09:00) Registration and Networking       Click for DAY2 Agenda     

(09:00-10:30) Session 1 (Al Tayeb Salih Hall)
Opening Ceremonyالجلسة الأفتتاحية

  1. Official opening of the conference
    H. E. Omar Bashir Manis, Cabinet Affairs Minister, Sudan
  2. Mastering public policy for the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals
    Prof. Allam Ahmed, President World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) and Founder Sudan Knowledge (SK), UK
  3. Diaspora financing and policy space for government of Sudan
    Dr. Mohammad Pournik, Senior Economist, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Sudan
  4. Keynote
    H. E. Dr. Abdalla Hamdok, Prime Minister of Sudan (tbc)
  5. Signing of MOU between the Sudanese Business Development Association (SUBDA) and WASD/SK
    Dr. Khansa Suliman Saleh Fedail, President of SUBDA, Fedail Medical Group, Sudan

(10:30-11:00) Break and Networking

(11:30-13:00) Session 2A (Omdurman Hall)
Economic Development and Entreprenuership التنمية الاقتصادية وريادة الاعمال 
Moderator: Engineer Salah Bashir, Member of Board of Directors, Savola Edible Oils, Sudan
Rapporteur: Walied Albasheer, INBOUND LLC – Dubai, UAE and Intuitio OU Tallinn, Estonia

  1. A proposal on capacity building program targeting development projects management”
    Dr. Osman Elfiel, Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa, Sudan
    Dr. Hisham Mirghani, Islamic Development Bank, KSA
  2. Decent work and economic growth a view of the young Sudanese generations
    Dr. Tayseer Elfaki Mustafa, Global Medical Technology Ltd, UAE
    Reem Faysal, British Gas, UK
    Salah Idriss, Saudi Investment Bank, KSA
    Kawther Ahmed, Sudanese Human Resources Management Society, Sudan
  3. The role of SWOT model for strategic analysis in the performance of small business in Sudan (an entrepreneurial approach)
    Dr. Fadwa Abu Elhassan, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan
  4. The best use of Sudan’s resources to achieve economic stability and the sustainable development goals 
    Dr. Mohamed ElNair, Sudan University of Science & Technology and Almughtaribeen University, Sudan

Reflection/Comments: Dr. Wael Fahmi, Minsitry of Finance and Economic Planning

(11:30-13:00) Session 2B (Africa Hall)
Education, Health and Sustainable Development – التعليم والصحة والتنمية المستدامة
Moderator: Prof. Mohamed Ahmed Abdullah, Professor and Head of Department, Paediatric and Adolescent Endocrinology, University of Khartoum, Sudan
Rapporteur: Dr. Waiel A Bashari, Endocrinologist and Clinical Research Associate, University of Cambridge, UK

  1. Managing education in the changing world: reflections and lessons learned from 30 years experience in the UK education systems
    Babikir Ahmed Babikir, Rumi’s Cave, UK
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Healthcare
    Prof. Abdel Rahman Ahmed Omer Khalafalla, Burjeel Hospital, UAE
  3. Yale-Sudan partnership to strengthen Post-Graduate public health education in Sudan
    Dr. Saria Hassan, Yale School of Medicine, USA
    Prof. Ibrahim Bani, Emory University, USA
  4. Role of health professions education to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
    Dr. Mohamed Elhassan Abdalla, University of Sharjah, UAE


(13:00-13:30) Break/Pray

(13:30-15:15) Sessions 3A (Omdurman Hall)
Governance, Law and Peace – الحوكمة والقانون والسلام
Moderator: Prof. Hunud Kadouf, Professor of Law and Former Dean of Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws at the International Islamic University Malaysia
Rapporteur: Dr. Abdel Rahman Suliman, Almulla Advocacy and Consultancy, UAE

  1. Peculiarity of governance in transition: a Sudanese perspective
    Dr. Waleed A. Madibo, Sudan Policy Forum, Qatar
  2. The role of legislations, laws and policies in the formation and promotion of residential neighbourhoods: case study Al Sahafa-Khartoum
    Dr. Nawal Ibrahim Ahmed, National Center for Research, Sudan
  3. Human Trafficking in Sudan
    Somia Hamid Ibrahim, Paddington Development Trust, UK
    Prof. Allam Ahmed, World Association for Sustainable Development, UK
  4. Climate change refugees in Sudan “causes and protection measures”
    Reem Elhussien, UNESCO COUSTEAU Ecotechnie Chair, Sudan
  5. An appraisal of legal training for the legal profession UK as a case study
    Abdul Salam Seid Ahmed, Solicitor and Notary Public, UK


(13:30-15:15) Session 3B (Africa Hall)
Youth, Society and the Future –الشباب والمجتمع والمستقبل    
Moderator: Reem Faysal, Talent Programme Manager, British Gas, UK
Rapporteur: Maimanah Idris, University College London, UK

  1. TEDx and youth engagement: Sudan experience
    Dr. Anwar Dafa-Alla, City College, Qatar
  2. Is the grass greener on the other side? highlighting the realities of youth migration
    Manni Abdelkarim Ibrahim, Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea Council, UK
  3. International conventions and treaties and UN resolutions in support of youth issues
    Manal Mahmoud Juma Rafay, Ministry of Agriculture Blue Nile State, Kurmuk, MC Scotland Organisation, Sudan
  4. Mental health stigma and cultural perspectives amongst the Sudanese community
    Sarah E. Eltayeb, George Mason University, USA
  5. Connect youth with their mother land: ideas and vision
    Manal Jaafar Sheikh Idris, Tawasol Almogtaribat, KSA

Reflection/Comments: Dr. Gamar Eldin Fadl, Director of Planning Department, Ministry of Youth and Sports

(15:15-16:00) Break and Networking

(16:00-17:30) Session 4A (Omdurman Hall) 
Water Resources, Environment and Renewable Energy – الموارد المائية و البيئة والطاقة المتجددة
Moderator: Dr. Hisham Abdelrahim Mirghani, Senior Project Procurement Specialist, Islamic Development Bank, KSA
Rapporteur: Khalid Abdalla, Project Manager, North Lanarkshire Council, UK

  1. Mitigation of flash floods effect at the eastern locality, Khartoum state (using GIS)
    Mohammed Seifaldeen Saeed, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Sudan
  2. Tracing weather variability during winter season in Sudan
    Haitham Elsiddig, Sudan Meteorological Authority, Sudan
  3. Assessment of application of composted organic waste on remediating chromium polluted soils
    Amna Abdulhady Hussein and Dr. Abbas Babiker, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan
    Dr. Sarra Ahmed Mohamed Saad, National Center for Research, Sudan
  4. Renewable energy challenges in Sudan
    Dr. Arig Gafar Bakhiet, National Research Council, Sudan

Reflection/Comments: Undersecretary Ministry of Energy and Mining

(16:00-17:30) Session 4B (Africa Hall)
Health – الصحة 
Moderator: Dr. Ali Elbireer, Senior Director, Iernational Aids Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), UK
Fadwa Dafallah, Hayyat University College, Sudan

  1. Achieving SDG targets in public health nutrition: is Sudan on track?
    Prof. Ibrahim Bani, Emory University, United States
    Dr. Nagat Eltoum, King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, KSA
  2. Sudan national stepwise survey of NCDs risk factors
    Dr. Amani Abdelrazig, Dr. N. A. Wagialla, Dr. M. A. Elimam, Dr. S. E. Ali, and Dr. N. I. Mohamed, Ministry of Health, Sudan
  3. Increasing utilisation of reproductive health services in humanitarian settings: Abo Shouk Camp Model
    Dr. Salma Kanani, Nile University, Sudan
  4. HIV-infected people in Sudan moving toward chronic poverty: possible interventions
    Dr. Salwa Muddthir Ismail, Federal Ministry of Health, Sudan
    Dr. A. A. Eisa and Dr. F. Ibrahim, University of Medical Science and Technology, Sudan


End of Day One
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