7th Diaspora DAY2 – Sunday 29 DEC 2019

7th Diaspora DAY2 – Sunday 29 DEC 2019

<strong>DAY 2</strong>

(08:30-09:00) Registration and Networking         Click for DAY1 Agenda    

(09:00-10:30) Session 5A (Omdurman Hall)
Industry and Miningالصناعة والتعدين
Moderator: Dr. Abdelrahim Ahmed, Former General Manager, Petrotrans Sudan, France
Rapporteur: Engineer Elsadig HagAli, Board Member, Elhassan Holding, Sudan

  1. Artisanal mining in Sudan; a deadly work opportunity that could be made safer and sustainable
    Dr. Tayseer Elfaki Mustafa, Global Medical Technology Ltd, UAE
  2. Geology and Gold prospecting in the Ariab mining lease area, Northeast Sudan
    Yaser Salaheldeen, Ministry of Mining and Energy, Sudan
  3. The effects of Mercury Used by Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining Processes a Case of River Nile State Sudan
    Dr. Ali Muddathir Ahmed, University of Gezira, Sudan and P. Purwanto and H.R. Sunoko, Diponegoro University, Indonesia
  4. Structural control on gold mineralization revealed by remote sensing and GIS techniques in central north Darfur State, West Sudan
    Dr. Badreldin Ahmed Hussein, National Center for Research, Sudan
    Prof. Khalid A.Elsayed Zeinelabdein, Al Neelain University, Sudan


(09:00-10:30) Session 5B (Africa Hall)
Infrastructure and Transportation – البنية التحتية والنقل
Moderator: Dr. Osman Elfiel, Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa, KSA
Rapporteur: Dr. Nawal Ibrahim Ahmed, National Center for Research, Sudan

  1. Sudan urban development think tank – how it influenced the making of the urgent priorities for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation
    Hashim Ibnauf Sulieman, Qatar Rail Company, Qatar
  2. Autonomous settlements: an approach towards achieving sustainable urban planning of Sudan
    Ghada Ahmed Elashi, Heriott-Watt University, UK
  3. City of Khartoum: status quo has little or no scope for sustainable development – an infrastructure and planning perspective
    Khalid Abdalla, North Lanarkshire Council, UK
  4. The biggest challenges developing cities in Africa are likely to face over the next 10 years and how they can be overcome using interdisciplinary and system’s thinking approaches
    Maimanah Idris, Shun-chan Tsai and Yixuan Jin, University College London, UK


(10:30-11:00) Break and Networking

(11:00-12:30) Session 6A (Africa Hall)
Agriculture and Environment – الزراعة والبيئة
Moderator: Dr. Ali Muddathir Ahmed, University of Gezira, Sudan
Rapporteur: Reem Elhussien, UNESCO COUSTEAU Ecotechnie Chair, Sudan

  1. Bees for peace, prosperity and sustainable development in Sudan
    Prof. Seif Eldin Abdelrahamn, National Center for Research, Sudan
  2. Assessment and identification of Goldplan insectide on soil bacteria
    Badreldin Salaheldeen and Alshfa Khalid Elgaber, Research and Technical Development Center, Sudan
  3. Awareness of sustainable food production at Gary Area, Khartoum-Sudan
    Sufyan Abdelrazig Ossman, Khartoum Refinery Company, Sudan
  4. Impact of fertilization management and soil conditions on soil respiration (CO2 efflux) in a semi-arid environment of Seleite farm –Sudan
    Abutalib Balla Mohammed and Zhao C. Yi, Chinese Academy of Science, China
    Dr. Sarra Ahmed Mohamed Saad, National Center for Research, Sudan


(11:00-12:30) Session 6B (Omdurman Hall)
Smart Development and Waste Management – التنمية الزكية وأدارة النفايات
Moderator: Dr. Musaad Abdullah Musaad, Director, Aja Pharmaceuticals, KSA
Rapporteur: Ghada Ahmed Elashi, Heriott-Watt University, UK

  1. Role of Smart Development in the future of new Sudan
    Rehab Mohamed Abdelrahman, Researcher in Sudanese Heritage, Sudan
  2. The expected role of Waqf in the development of Sudan
    Dr. Abdel Rahman Suliman, Almulla Advocacy and Consultancy, UAE
  3. Management of waste from pharmaceutical industry in Khartoum North industrial area
    Dr. Mona Ali Mohamed Ahmed, University of Khartoum, Sudan
  4. Towards sustainable organic farming systems to secure food production in Sudan
    Dr. Sarra Ahmed Mohamed Saad and Inaam Fathi Khalil, National Center for Research, Sudan


(12:30-13:00) Break and Networking

(13:00-14:30) Session 7A (Africa Hall)
Health and Digital Transformation – الصحة والتحول الرقمي
Moderator: Dr. Saria Hassan, Yale School of Medicine, USA
Rapporteur: Dr. Salwa Muddthir Ismail, Director, Partnerships and Advocacy, Public Health Institute, Federal Ministry of Health, Sudan

  1. HealthChain: A blockchain enabled health supply chain management system – towards universal health coverage
    Dr. Elfatih Abdelraheem, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Turkey
  2. Telemedicine and its applications in low-income countries
    Hiba Esmat, University of Khartoum, Sudan
    Rayan Abdelnabi, University of Khartoum, Sudan
    Dr. Ahmed Osman, University of Cambridge, UK
    Dr. Waiel A Bashari, University of Cambridge, UK
  3. E-Health in Sudan
    Dr. Huda Eldosougi, NHS Global Digital Exemplar Evaluation Program and Digital Academy, USA
  4. Smart mobility for the mass
    Walied Albasheer, INBOUND LLC – Dubai, UAE & Intuitio OU Tallinn, Estonia

Reflection/Comments: Engineer Arif Abdul Gader Tageldin, National Information Centre, Sudan

(13:00-14:30) Session 7B (Omdurman Hall)
Science, Technology and Innovationالعلوم والتكنلوجيا والابتكار 
Moderator: Engineer Waddah Mohammed Abdelhai, Director, Morouj Commodities Ltd, Sudan
Rapporteur: Dr. Arig Gafar Bakhiet, National Research Council, Sudan

  1. International accreditation for improving medical laboratories in Sudan
    Dr. Ali Elbireer, International Aids Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), UK
  2. Gum Arabic more than emulsifier and food additive; a new experimental validation of anti-proliferative against colorectal colon cancer cell lines: Part 2
    Dr. Ahmed A. M. Elnour, International Islamic University, Malaysia (IIUM) & University of Kordofan, Sudan
    Dr. Mohamed E. S. Mirghani, Prof. Dr. N. A. Kabbashi and Dr. Djabir Daddiouaissa, International Islamic University (IIUM), Malaysia
    Dr. Khalid Hamid Musa, Qassim university, KSA
    Prof. Dr. Nour Hamid Abdurahman, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia
  3. Processing and quality of low fat ice cream from camel milk using natural additives for contribution as functional food
    Amna S. M. Ahmed and Prof. Ibtisam E. M. El Zubeir, University of Khartoum, Sudan
  4. Innovations and entrepreneurship towards better health-supporting healthcare Start-ups: a new movement to accelerate cures in Sudan, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa
    Dr. Anmar Homeida, University of Gezira, Sudan


(14:30-15:30) Break and Networking

(15:30-17:00) Session 8 (Africa Hall)
Closing and Recommendations  – الجلسة الختامية (التوصيات)

  1. Policy Direction and Recommendations 
  2. 2020 Diaspora Conference and Next Step 
  3. Concluding Remarks 

End of Conference
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