Sustainability in the management of complex projects and industries: risk, health and safety perspectives

Sustainability in the management of complex projects and industries: risk, health and safety perspectives

منظور المخاطر والأمن والسلامة في استدامة إدارة المشروعات والصناعات الاستراتيجية

Friday 27th December 2019 (18:00-21:00)             
Federation of Chambers of Commerce (إتحاد الغرف التجارية، شارع الجمهورية), Khartoum, Sudan
In partnership with:

  • Sudanese Partnership for Knowledge Transfer by Expatriate Nationals (SPaKTEN), Secretariat of Sudanese Working Abroad
  • Sudanese Business Development Association (SUBDA)
Dr. Tayseer Elfaki Mustafa, Consultant Occupational Health Physician & CEO, Global Medical Technology Ltd, UAE
Dr. Ali Muddathir Ahmed, Expert in Quality, Safety and Environment, Lead Auditor for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and Environmental Management Systems, University of Gezira, Sudan
Khalid Abdalla, Project Manager, North Lanarkshire Council, UK
Maimanah Idris, Researcher, University College London, UK
Dr. Mohammed Abdel Hameed, Faculty of Disaster Studies and Human Security, International University of Africa, Sudan
Amr Hussain, Chartered Construction Manager, BLACK & VEATCH, UK
Dr. Mona Ali Ahmed, Mayamin Company, Sudan
Dr. Ahmed El Mofti, President, Khartoum International Center for Human Rights, Sudan
Hayder Bakhit, Expert on Water, Nile Water Management, Ministry of Irrigation, Sudan
Prof. Allam Ahmed, Professor of Sustainable Development, President World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) and Founder Sudan Knowledge (SK), UK
Join us for this exciting debate, where international experts and high level Diaspora (students, researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, ordinary citizen) from the public and private sectors will give their views on the sustainability of mega and complex projects and big factories and how to ensure appropriate support arrangement in place in addition to the ongoing monitoring of the sustainability processes across these projects. The debate will examine various angles of risk surrounding mega and complex projects and the various health and safety regulations following several recent  industrial accidents in Sudan. In doing so, the panel will use recent industrial incidents in Sudan to draw lessons for risk management and various health and safety issues in complex and mega projects and big factories.

Risk management is critical in all projects particularly mega and complex projects. This debate will discuss the holistic understanding of the nature of risk and the role of risk management in complex and mega projects, with an emphasis on its role in projects and innovation. The debate will also outline the key processes involved in developing a risk management plan and techniques to identify, assess and manage risk. Moreover, the debate will also cover the impact of such complex projects and industrial disasters on the environment: air, water, land , marine and ecology and the social and health impact on humans. Implementing sustainability practices in mega and complex are very challenging processes and require careful planning and execution. Therefore, successful project management of mega and complex projects require organisations to develop structures and processes to govern the wide range of different sustainability practices. A holistic approach should be considered for designing sustainability frameworks with due consideration not only for the technological design, but also for the design of strategic sustainability of these systems.
<b>Sustainability Debate Series</b>
This multi-disciplinary debate is part of our Sustainability Debate Series aims to provide the participants the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences from all over the world on major global issues; the emphasis is on the importance of evidence-based planning to overcome the challenges facing global efforts to achieve a sustainable future. For more details watch presentations from WASD’s previous events. During the debate the panel will answer questions posted by the participants, please send your question for the panel to the debate coordinator ( by the 19th December 2019. This debate will follow on the previous debates organised by WASD/Sudan Knowledge:

You can watch more videos from our previous events here.

Venue and Registration

The debate is jointly organised and hosted by the Sudanese Business Development Association (SUBDA) at the following address: Federation of Chambers of Commerce (إتحاد الغرف التجارية، شارع الجمهورية) Khartoum, Sudan

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