7th Diaspora DAY3 – 30 DEC 2019

7th Diaspora DAY3 – 30 DEC 2019

<strong>DAY 3</strong>

(08:30-09:00) Registration and Networking         DAY1     DAY2

(09:00-10:30) Session 9

  1. Towards developing a national ICT vision for Sudan
    Dr. Mohamed Hamid, Ericsson, Sweden
    Dr. Hassan Hamdoun, British Telecom, United Kingdom
  2. Digital technology role in achieving financial inclusion via Sudanese microfinance mobile banking adoption
    Prof. Elsadig Musa Ahmed and Anwar Ammar, Multimedia University, Malaysia
  3. Rapid and smart transformation (connecting the Dots to improve performance)
    Mohamed Elhag, P3 Transform, UK
    Prof. Allam Ahmed, World Association for Sustainable Development, UK
  4. A recommender system for tourist trip design problem: lessons learned from Tunisia
    Dr. Takwa Tlili, University of Manouba, Tunisia

Reflection/Comments: Ministry of ICTs

(10:30-11:00) Tea/Coffee Break and Networking

(11:00-12:30) Session 10

  1. City of Khartoum: Status Quo has Little or No Scope for Sustainable Development – an Infrastructure and Planning Perspective
    Khalid Abdalla, Local Government, UK
  2. The biggest challenges developing cities in Africa are likely to face over the next 10 years and how they can be overcome using interdisciplinary and system’s thinking approaches
    Maimanah Idris, Shun-chan Tsai and Yixuan Jin, University College London, United
  3. Autonomous settlements: an approach towards achieving sustainable urban planning of Sudan
    Ghada Ahmed Elashi, Heriott Watt University, United Kingdom
  4. Bees for peace, prosperity and sustainable development in Sudan
    Prof. Seifeldin Abdelrahamn, National Center for Research, Sudan


(12:30-13:30) Lunch Break/Pray

(13:30-15:00) Sessions 11

  1. Assessment and identification of Goldplan insectide on soil bacteria
    Badreldin Salaheldeen Ahmed and Alshfa Khalid Elgaber, University of Khartoum, Sudan
  2. Characterization and effect of Calcareous layer geopedon on cropping cycle in different pivots irrigated areas in Sudan
    Dr. Moawia Yahia Babiker, Research and Development Technical Center, Sudan
  3. Awareness of sustainable food production at Gary Area, Khartoum-Sudan
    Sufyan Abdelrazig Ossman, Khartoum Refinery Company, Sudan
  4. Impact of fertilization management and soil conditions on soil respiration (CO2 efflux) in a semi-arid environment of Seleite farm –Sudan
    Abutalib Balla Mohammed and Zhao C. Yi, Chinese Academy of Science, China
    Dr. Sarra A. M. Saad, National Center for Research, Sudan


(15:00-15:30) Tea/Coffee Break and Networking

(15:30-17:00) Session 12

  1. Policy Direction and Recommendations 
  2. 2020 Diaspora Conference and Next Step 
  3. Concluding Remarks 

End of Conference
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