Venue and registrtaion

Venue and registrtaion

<b>Registration Fee</b>

This is to confirm that Sudan Knowledge (SK) and World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) are not-for-profit international associations. SK is a global forum that brings together people from across the world to discuss key issues relating to SD in Sudan. This multi-disciplinary conference is part of our SK Diaspora Conference Series aims to provide the participants the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences from all over the world on major global issues; the emphasis is on the importance of evidence-based planning to overcome the challenges facing Sudan’s efforts to achieve a sustainable future. To achieve its goals, SK accepts support and donations from individuals and organizations across the world. As well  as registration fees, these donations will make a significant contribution to our annual conferences and workshops by giving our delegates from developing countries the opportunity to attend the conferences and meet with colleagues from the rest of the world. We also use any small surplus to support our youth initiative (Young Stars Big Ideas). We would like to confirm that WASD, SK, University of East London nor any of our partners receive any funding and/or financial income from the conference registration fee. In fact, the University of East London is providing support to cover the cost of managing the conference, administration and other complementary attendees including keynote speakers, students and participants from developing countries. For more information, please contact the conference coordinator, Mrs Janet Snow (


Khartoum – Sudan

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