Covid-19: what is next in the UK, Sudan and Globally!

International Online One Day Conference                         24 January 2021 (11:30-17:00)                                      Live on Facebook
Hosted by Sudan Knowledge (SK) in partnership with the World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) and Middle Eastern Knowledge Economy Institute (MEKEI).

For the first time since 1945, the entire world is confronted by a common threat, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or faith. But while COVID-19 does not discriminate, our efforts to prevent and contain it do. For that reason, the pandemic has hit the poorest and most vulnerable in our societies hardest.

António Guterres

UN Secretary-General

The conference aims to provide the latest update on the global efforts against Covid-19 and more importantly the vaccination efforts across the world. Although global Covid-19 pandemic started in December 2019 in China but since then nearly the whole world has been in lockdown. Today, more so than ever before, the international community is confronted with many challenges on its path to compact the Coronavirus pandemic in the 21st century. Globalization brings us into contact with one another, but it also strengthens profound divisions in terms of our capacity to deal with this pandemic and at the same time achieve sustainable economic development. And although this global pandemic started on December 2019 it is ‘only’ last month we have received positive news about the successful results from leading research hubs across the world for a possible vaccine for the Coronavirus before the end of the year. The various experts panel will aim to answer all your questions live during the debate.