Saturday 5th December 2020

Saturday 5th December 2020

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(09:15-09:25) Check-in Online        

(09:30-11:00) Session (1): Welcome remarks

Prof. Allam Ahmed, President, World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) and Founder Sudan Knowledge (SK), UK (Chair)



H. E. Ambassador Mohamed Abdalla IdrisSudanese Ambassador to the UK




H. E. Makeen Hamid Tayrab, Secretary General, Secretariat of Sudanese Working Abroad, Ministry of Cabinet, Sudan



(11:00-11:15) Tea/Coffee Break 

(11:15-12:30) Session (2): Banking and Economics
Moderator: Dr. Ali Mohamed Aliraqi, Associate Professor, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia



How Banking Industry in Sudan can survive the challenges and grab the opportunities post CoVID-19 and lifting of economic sanctions (ABSTRACT)
Salah Eldin IdrisVice President, Saudi Investment Bank, Saudi Arabia



Impact of Gum Arabic on Sudan Economy: What lessons do we learn form Biotechnological and Sustainable Development perspective against Covid-19 pandemic? (ABSTRACT)

Dr. Ahmed. A. M. Elnour, International Islamic University, Malaysia and University of Kordofan, Sudan

Prof. Mohamed Elwathig Saeed Mirghani, International Islamic University, Malaysia



Localizing the Gum Arabic industry in Sudan, opportunities and challenges (ABSTRACT)
Dr. Abuelgasim Hashim, General Manager, Sudacacia for Services and Trading Co. Ltd, Sudan



(12:30-13:00) Lunch/Tea/Coffee Break 

(13:00-14:30) Session (3): Investment in Essential Infrastructure in Sudan 
Moderator: Khalid AbdallaProject Manager, Roads, North Lanarkshire Council, UK




Investment in Essential Infrastructure in Sudan: Ambitious Plans & Great Opportunities (ABSTRACT)

Taj-Alsir Ahmed Ibrahim, Investment Consultant, Federal Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Sudan

Mohammed Abdulgadir KaddamDirector Planning Research and Studies, Federal Ministry of Infrastructures and Transportation, Sudan



Investment climate in Sudan and challenges for foreign business & investment
Eng. Mohamed Taha Hassan, Ministry of Industry and Trade Shadow Cabinet, Binaa Sudan Party



(14:30-14:45) Tea/Coffee Break

(14:45-16:15) Session (4): Science, Technology and Industry
Moderator: Dr. Ali Muddathir, Assistant Professor, Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, University of Gezira, Sudan



Technology usage, agri-tech and food sustainability in Africa: lessons learned for Sudan (ABSTRACT)
Malik Ahmed Bedri, Founding Partner, Diaspora Ventures, UK



Investment tips for Gum Arabic manufacturing using Spray Drying technology
Dr. Osama H. M. Idris, General Manager, Morouj Commodities UK Ltd, UK



Overview of industrial investment challenges and opportunities in the Sudan (ABSTRACT)
Dr. Adil Ahmed Dafa’AllaSpecialist, Aero Data for Loads Group, Airbus UK Ltd



(16:15-16:30) Tea/Coffee Break

(16:30-18:00) Session (5): Investment in the Air Transport Industry of Sudan
Moderator: Captain Husam Kashif, Executive Management, Head of Operations, Airline Captain & Trainer



Civil Aviation Industry of Sudan (ABSTRACT)

First Officer Muthana Ibrahim Musa, Airline Pilot, Flight Operations, Turkish Airlines, Turkey

Engineer Ali Sidahmed, Transport Canada Civil Aviation, Canada




End of Day