Pitfalls of society: protecting our community

مكافحة و كشف الاحتيال والتزوير للمعاملات الغير القانونية في بريطانيا وتبعاتها علي المقيمين
Fraud Awareness and Prevention

Online ًWebinar Saturday 6th March (13:00-14:30) Live on Facebook

Hosted by Sudan Knowledge (SK) in partnership with Sudanese Community of Greater Manchester, Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in the UK, Egyptian Together Union.

Colin Jemide

Prevent Advisor, Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED), City of London Police

Khalid M. A Hassan

Charge de Affairs, Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in the UK

Dr. Walid Omara

Chair, Egyptians Together Union, UK

Sheikh Babikir Ahmed Babikir

Islamic Scholar, Education Consultant & Public Speaker, Chairman Rumi’s Cave, UK

Nussiba Eljack

Psychologist, Sudanese Community of Greater Manchester

Abdul Salam Seid Ahmed

Solicitor and Notary Public and Senior Partner, Freeman Notary Public, UK

Prof. Allam Ahmed

Founder Sudan Knowledge

The objectives of this webinar is to provide legal and societal awareness to communities in the UK to avoid fraudulent activities such as fake Covid-19 certificates, forged insurance documents and other issues.

Background: In recent years many people migrated from different countries to settle in the UK, among them there is a considerable number from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). This is due to conflict and wars across the MENA region. Once arrived in the UK, one of the major challenges facing all migrants is to settle and integrate into the new societies and become independent. This includes the guarantee of a decent and reliable source of income. However to achieve job security we have to consider some factors. The lack of good communication and English language skills amongst the newcomers is one of the major challenges facing newcomers. One of the popular job attracts many newcomers is delivery drivers . Having a valid driving licence + vehicle + insurance would a huge relief for most of young people who wanted to establish a good life here in the UK. Once the vehicle issue is sorted, many benefits will follow for example have a job as a delivery driver or having a job in relatively remote areas where they would be able to travel comfortably and effectively without relying on the public transport. The dilemma of securing a means of transportation have become a real problem recently, as some of the adults became a targets for fraudulent activities including issuing fake insurance. Benefits of obtaining fake insurance certificate include quick, and easy income and accessible in same time. Therefore the scammer will benefit financially on the spot without exerting any effort.

Disadvantages and future implications: Criminal activities, stress and anxiety are all associated with any of the above activities. Beyond doubt these are criminal offences which will affect the eligibility of the people status and particularly Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK and Nationality. Some of the Recommendation are: how to contact and search for a genuine insurance companies; improvement of English language; advice centres within the communities; and many other activities which will be discussed during the webinar.