Pitfalls of society: protecting our youth

According to the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS), the number of knife crimes in England and Wales has risen to a new record high and the Sudanese youth are no exception. And while many sources argue that knife crime in the UK particularly in London is not the fault of the black community but the number of Sudanese youth lost their lives during the last period is accelerating at a shocking and very worrying level. This special multi-disciplinary roundtable discussion is organised in partnership with various local, national and international stakeholders to provide the diaspora community (Sudanese) in the United Kingdom the opportunity to discuss urgent solutions and approaches to help our children and youth in the UK from knife crime, drugs and other serious issues leading to death of our kids on UK streets. We would like to encourage and invite all children, youth and parents to share their knowledge and experiences about these major issues facing our kids in the UK. The emphasis is on the importance of clear advice and approaches by different experts from the community and other local and national authorities. We are keen to listed to everyone who can provide evidence-based planning to overcome the challenges facing our kids in the UK. The debate will examine in various angles, how all stakeholders in the community can effectively contribute to protecting our kids from serious issues and prevent further unnecessary death in the future.