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Photo of Moniem Ibrahim

Moniem Ibrahim

Theatre & Video Maker


Location: London, UK


A Sudanese theatre and video practitioner, has worked as a director, actor, camera operator and editor through the years. Moneim studied at the High Institute for Music and Drama (1987 – 1995). He worked for Shoaf Drama Group (1991 – 1996) as director and actor. He moved to Netherlands in 1996, he then joined Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam as a staff member among the audiovisual team for twelve years. With the help of the IOM, Moniem was able to set-up a digital archive unit at the college of Music and Drama and the National Theatre in his home country, Sudan, the project took place in four separate periods between 2010 and 2016. Currently Moniem works as theatre and video maker at Freelance in London, UK.
Some of his work: Directing for theatre: Yankee curse 1990, Doors 1992, Between Khalifa and Amona Bit Haj, Ahmed 1993, Nightmares 1994, Captains of the sands 1995, Participated as a director during WATDI workshop in Afeif Ismail’s play “Shrouds or the Dead” 2009 and Participated as an actor in several works for cinema and theatre 1988-2016.
Video Art: James John shoe-shine boy, a tribute to Magdi Elnour 2007 and Echoes Deep Under Digital Water! 2009

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