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Sudan Sustainable Development Directory (SSDD) includes a strong network of researchers, policy makers, educators, consultants and employers from all parts of the world to exchange knowledge and experience and discuss current developments and challenges. SSDD can be used to help find, support and collaborate with experts from the SK network.

Interested in joining the SSDD? Complete the application form. Please check your details in our directory after 48 hrs and if you can not find your name, please contact the directory coordinator at You can also join the expert directories of our sister organisation: World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) and Middle Eastern Knowledge Economy Institute (MEKEI).

Photo of Dr. Hisham Kheiralla

Dr. Hisham Kheiralla


I’m a plastic reconstructive and asethetic surgeon practicing in Saudi Arabia for eight years now.qualified in healthcare performance and quality and interested in religious ideology updates and extraterrestrial theory and paranormal phenomena.…

Photo of Amr Hamad

Amr Hamad

Legal Mangaer

A bilingual Lawyer with 10+ years of experience, qualified advocate as admitted in Sudan Bar Association, with GCC expertise in corporate and banking counseling and litigation. Experience in both Common and Civil laws.…

Photo of Samir Yahya

Samir Yahya

Senior Graphic Designer

Brand Specialist Designer, BēSudan Founder, A creative graphic designer, specialized in branding with an experience that exceeds the 8 years in both the Sudanese and Saudi market. Samir has worked with advertising, social media and branding agencies, giving him a clear understanding of how brands communicate their messages and values visually and artistically. …

Photo of Ahmed Elnour

Ahmed Elnour

Doctoral Researcher

PhD graduate student at King Saud University, college of Engineering, Chemical Engineering Department, Riyadh. Experienced Researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the scientific research activities. Skilled in polymer processing, polymer composites, Bio-composites, polymeric materials characterization, polymeric materials structure-property relationships and polymeric materials applications.…

Photo of Alim Ahmed Mohammed Noor

Alim Ahmed Mohammed Noor


Alim is a pharmacist by profession. He studied pharmacy at the Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University in India. Worked as a hospital pharmacist at The Friendship Hospital as well as a community pharmacist at Mohamed Saeed Group of Pharmacies in Sudan.…

Photo of Karim Kharief Idries

Karim Kharief Idries

Human Rights Activist

I am a highly motivated Student of social sciences and dedicated human rights activist from Darfur Sudan, with volunteering experience as well as managing my own business. Equipped to transfer educational knowledge and personal potential into opportunities.…

Somia Hamid Ibrahim

IAG/Student Service Co-ordinator

My family and I have lived in London since 1995. I have three children. I worked in Sudan as a social worker. When I came to the UK, I decided to put my skills to good use.…

Photo of Emadelddin Hassan

Emadelddin Hassan

Doctoral Researcher

An experienced Material Engineer, BSc physics SUST, MSc advanced mechanical Eng with material from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow UK, PhD researcher in Mechanical Engineering at university of Strathclyde, UK.

Photo of Prof. Farida Fortune

Prof. Farida Fortune


Professor Fortune is Professor of Medicine in relation to Oral Health and Head of the Centre for Clinical and Diagnostic Oral Sciences (CDOS). She graduated in both Dentistry and Medicine from University College, University of London.…

Photo of Dr. Mohamed Galal Hassan Sayed

Dr. Mohamed Galal Hassan Sayed

Senior Lecturer

I joined the University of Portsmouth as a Senior Lecturer and Course leader for BEng (Hons) Petroleum Engineering in January 2014, after five years in the Department of Petroleum Engineering at the American University in Cairo as Associate Professor/Chair of Energy systems.…

Photo of Mohamed Kamal

Mohamed Kamal

Account Director

Active team player and visionary leader with substantial ICT experience in technical and managerial roles. Enthusiastic about achieving challenging goals and finding unconventional solutions to business challenges that pave the way sustainable development.…

Photo of Ismeil Ahamed

Ismeil Ahamed

Doctoral Researcher

A meticulous, dynamic and highly reliable Forensic Computing Postgraduate with technical acumen, first class analytical skills and significant hands-on experience across network/information security, computer forensic methods, network forensics, testing, recovery and ethical hacking more gained in pressurised environments.…

Photo of Giedo Elamin

Giedo Elamin

Doctoral Researcher

A final year Ph.D. candidate in medical research with many interests in renewable energy and environmental developments. PhD writing thesis at the moment and MSc in Biomedical Science (Cancer research).

Photo of Dr. Mubashar Ahmed

Dr. Mubashar Ahmed

Histopathology Registrar

Photo of Ahmed Alnager

Ahmed Alnager

Electrical Engineer

I’m fresh graduate electrical engineer with an ambition to expand my studies and knowledge in the field of renewable energy and to promote my understanding of sustainable development in general, volunteer and a member of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) for two years, skillful graphic designer and content creator.

Photo of Prof. Ibrahim Bani

Prof. Ibrahim Bani


Dr. Bani is a Community physician with extensive experience in international public health, epidemiology, preventive and community medicine, health and development for developing countries. Professor Bani is a public health physician by training with over fifteen years of experience in International Public Health. …

Photo of Dr. Waiel Bashari

Dr. Waiel Bashari

PhD Fellow

PhD fellow at the University of Cambridge
MBBS university of Khartoum

Photo of Al-Noor Mohammed Abdullah

Al-Noor Mohammed Abdullah

PhD Student and Lecturer

I am about to obtain my PhD from the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at Plymouth University. Across the fieldwork of development, socioeconomic and human development investigation economic, social, political and environmental issue related to mega-project especially dams apply his knowledge in project management where he learnt success and failure lessons from international development project in Africa and bridged the gap between theory, practice and finding the best way of assessing this types of developmental projects.…

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