A comparative study of health and safety provisions and their impacts on profit and non-profit organisations

Reconnecting Universities with the Discourse of Sustainable Inclusive Growth in Sudan

Taslim Ahammad, London Churchill College, Middlesex University, UK
Rahaman Hasan, London Churchill College, UK

Purpose: This paper attempts to compare and identify impact of health and safety provisions and how they are perceived among profit and non-profit organisations.
Design/methodology/approach: The research is based on secondary research, heavily depending on printed (e.g. books, journals) and online resources (e.g. journals, websites) available on the policies and information available on the key areas of the research topics.
Findings: Though different business entity operates in different set norms and values, in relation to health and safety policy and procedures none has any flexibility.
Originality/value: Emphasising the importance of health and safety provisions for both profit and nonprofit organisations.
Keywords: health and safety; social enterprises; risks; profit and non-profit organization.

12-Taslim Rahman.pdf
12-Taslim Rahman.pdf

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