The Sudanese National Council in UK and Ireland (SNC) Its Role in the Provision of Medical Services and Technology transfer to the Sudanese people, Prof. Hammad Bagadi

Prof. Hammad Bagadi
Sudanese National Council in UK & Ireland, UK

Abstract: SNC is a non-governmental, non-political charity organisation based in UK. Established in 1994 it remained the brand name for the provision of services to the Sudanese communities in UK & Sudan. SNC is chaired by Sheikh Dr Ibrahim El Tayeb & assisted by a committee of 15 members with various academic qualifications. SNC has its own constitution & membership is open to all Sudanese. The achievements of SNC could be summarised in 2 phases: in Phase 1 (1994 – 2006) most of the activities were undertaken in UK in the form scholarships, medical treatment, conferences, & cultural activities and Phase 2 (2007 – to date) includes an intensive work inside the Sudan in the form of medical missions to 4 States. To ensure a successful & efficient missions, 2 other bodies in Sudan cooperates with SNC namely SSWA & the State to be visited. The details of all achievements & the way forward for SNC will be shown & discussed in the paper.
Reference: First Sudanese Diaspora International Conference - 2009 pp. 25 - 29


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