The Role of the Forum of Sudanese Professionals Working in Oman (FSPWO) in Introducing and Supporting Medical Informatics and Medical Educational Technology in Sudan, Prof. Abdelmoniem Elmardi

Prof. Abdelmoniem Elmardi
University of Science and Technology, Sudan

Abstract: Sudanese professionals working abroad responded to calls of duty to help in development efforts in Sudan. Many of them formed groups that coordinated & organized these efforts. One of these groups was the Forum of Sudanese Professionals Working in Oman (FSPWO). It was formed in 2003 with the aim of coordinating the willingness & readiness of the professionals to contribute to development efforts in Sudan. This paper discusses the role of the FSPWO in transferring the knowledge & skills in the fields of medical informatics & educational technology to practitioners & educators working in the health field. The main technologies addressed were related to clinical decision support, particularly evidence-based medicine & the use of technology in learning & continuing medical education particularly e-learning & digital libraries. Several workshops were conducted in collaboration with SPAKTEN & an e-learning strategy was developed together with the development with digital health libraries.
Reference: First Sudanese Diaspora International Conference - 2009 pp. 31 - 34


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