Understanding the Concept of Technology Transfer and Sustainable Development in Sudan: An Overview, Allam Ahmed

Allam Ahmed
University of Sussex, UK

Abstract: This introductory paper was carried out to provide a background paper for the conference "The Role of Diaspora in Technology Transfer and Achieving Sustainable Development in Sudan" held in Brighton, UK (24th - 25th January 2009). The paper will therefore provide an overview about three major issues relating to the relationship between the Diaspora and their home country which will be discussed during the conference. These major issues include migration and brain drain; technology and knowledge transfer; and sustainable development. However, it is important to note that understanding the nature of problems, challenges and opportunities in Sudan is a very difficult task for many people outside its territories. Equally important to mention the fact that there are limited contributions in the conference from scholars in the Southern and Western regions of Sudan which is probably due to the current situation is both regions.


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