Policy support for innovation at grass roots in developing countries: perspectives from Nigeria, Chux Daniels

Chux U. Daniels
University of Sussex, UK

Purpose: This paper examines government Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policy support for Grassroots Innovation (GRI) in the context of a developing country.
Methodology: Drawing from existing literature and case studies from Nigeria, it critically analyses the roles that policies play in GRI.
Findings: The findings reveal:
1. The need for improved conceptual clarity, that is, a distinction in GRI categories into: innovation from, for, at and by grassroots, as this enhances knowledge accumulation
2. That traditional policy approaches in adequately support GRI and
3. The need for a re-evaluation of existing innovation policies and the development of frameworks and policy instruments that support GRI.
Value: Develops a conceptual framework, and suggest areas where policies could promote GRI activities– for example, in strengthening innovation capabilities, innovation ecosystems and actors, policy making, stakeholder engagement, knowledge production and circulation and STI funding – there by helping address societal challenges and contribute to sustainable socio-economic development.
Keywords: Government Public Policy, Grassroots Innovation, Science, Technology, Innovation, STI, Developing Countries, DCs, Nigeria.

Chux U. Daniels DIASPORA 2015 (1).pdf
Chux U. Daniels DIASPORA 2015 (1).pdf

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