Medics in diaspora: building partnerships, SDUI and SAA as an example, Sohel Ahmed

Dr. Sohel M. G. Ahmed
Sligo Regional Hospital, Ireland

Purpose: This paper aims to illustrate the potential benefits of partnerships between medical societies in the diaspora and Sudan, with particular reference to the existing partnership between the Sudan Doctors Union of Ireland (SDUI) and the Sudan Anaesthetists Association (SAA) over the last four years.
Design/Methodology/Approach: The paper will look into different projects which were initiated/carried out by the two bodies and its potential impact on the medical training and health services in Sudan.
Findings: Transfer of knowledge by Sudanese medics in the diaspora with/without the assistance of academic faculties abroad is feasible, cost-effective and has sound results in improving medical training standards and – indirectly – health services standards in their home country.
Originality/Value: This papers shares the experience of two relatively young organisations in arranging the transfer of knowledge, skills and capacity-building within a minimum budget, which could be replicated by others.
Keywords: Sudan, Ireland, Anaesthesia, Knowledge Transfer, Projects.

09-Sohel M G Ahmed.pdf
09-Sohel M G Ahmed.pdf

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