Effect of blanching and packaging material on the colour and microbial load of ben oil (moringa oleifera) leaf powder

OLORODE OMOBOLANLE, BAMGBOSE ADEFUNKE and RAJI OLUWATOYIN, Department of Food Technology, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Nigeria

Purpose: To investigate the effect of blanching and packaging materials on colour and storage stability of Ben oil (Moringa oleifera) leaf powder.

Design/methodology/approach: Fresh green Ben oil was blanched in a hot water (100°C) for 4 min, air dried, made into powder and packaged in glass, plastic and polyethylene. Stored at room temperature and analysed for colour and microbial loads. Colour was measured using Chroma meter (Colour- TEKPCL, USA) version.

Findings: Unblanched sample had lower l* (Bright) colour value compared to blanched while blanched sample had a lower a* (Green) colour value. a* value of blanched dried sample stored in glass and plastic decreased but the value increased in polyethylene. Loads in samples increases more in plastic containers.

Practical implications: Blanching enhanced the brightness of the leave powder. Glass retained its colour and seems to be less permeable to microorganisms.

Value: This findings is valuable to Ben oil powder processors.

Keywords: Ben oil; blanching; colour; glass; polythene; brightness.

1458757694wpdm_Outlook 2015 - Omobolanle.pdf
1458757694wpdm_Outlook 2015 - Omobolanle.pdf

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