GIS as a tool for assessing transportation system: A case study from Saudi Arabia

MOHAMMED AL-ALI, Geospatial Services Department (GDMS), Saudi Arabia WAFAA SALEH, Edinburgh Napier University, UK

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to investigate applicability of Geographical Information System (GIS) tools in assessing performance of the transportation systems which integrate spatial and GIS parameters and indicators.

Methodology: In this context, performance measures have been objectively related to the strategic goals and objectives identified by policy makers in particular areas.

Findings: Results suggest that as a result of on the characteristics of transportation system, further understanding and considerations have been achieved regarding the performance of the investigated transportation systems and the needed transport polices in the study areas.

Originality: The integrating of spatial data with the conventional data to assess performance of the transportation system.

Keywords: Geographical Information System; GIS; performance indicators; transport safety.

Outlook 2015 - Al Ali.pdf
Outlook 2015 - Al Ali.pdf

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