Human resources in Sudan: from personnel management to people management (Reem Faysal, British Petroleum, UK)

Reem Faysal, British Gas, UK
The aim of this paper is to look into the wider opportunities for developing the key asset for the economy – its people! With the current changes and developments in Sudan, the need is more than ever, calling for leadership assessment, women empowerment, talent development, and many other areas that require a strong Human Resources (HR) cadre to facilitate. It is evident that HR in Sudan is till in its simple state of Personnel Management, looking at contracts and absence management, whereas what is needed is the drive into people management. There is a huge gap between the capacity building and education offered in the labour market, versus what is required by the different organizations in the public and private sector. This has resulted in expatriation on both ends of the balance scale, with Sudanese moving to find work abroad, and expats coming to Sudan. This inadequate supply and demand balance has increased the rate of unemployment, hence the economic building of Sudan. The education system, as well as the Sudanese culture and mindset have contributed to this retardation. The lack of soft skill and leadership capability has been more visual in the last few months, all of which call for strong facilitation and management of HR practices, and practitioners, who play a huge role in the management of change, engagement and talent spotting. The current revolution has brought into focus amazing talent that is thriving for opportunities to grab. There are many set backs that can pull us back, but we will focus on opportunities that can drive us forward in building a vision that is enabled through positive culture and strong values, which will allow Human Resources Management to play its key role in capacity building, through identification, assessment, development and deployment of youth and the Sudanese workforce. This in turn will link into Sudan’s people strategy, hence enriching economic growth


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