Effects of application of different fertilizers on Okra growth and soil quality, Sara H. A. M. Khair, Dr. Sarra A. M. Saad, Babiker M. Elamin, Abutalib B. G. Mohammed and Abdelkarim S. Ali

IJSRSara Hassan A. M. Khair, Al Neelain University, Sudan
Sarra A. M. Saad, Ministry of Science and Communication, Sudan
Babiker M. Elamin, Ministry of Science and Communication, Sudan
Abutalib B.Gumma Mohammed, Ministry of Science and Communication, Sudan
Abdelkarim Sabir Ali, Al Neelain University, Sudan

Purpose: The aim of the experiment was to study the effects of the application of different fertilizers on the growth of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus Moench) and soil quality.
Design/methodology/approach: In a nursery trial different rates of composted bagasse (C), neem seed powder (N), diammonium phosphate (D) and urea (U) were applied to a loamy clay soil samples. Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus Moench) was planted as test crop. Water was applied till field capacity to avoid leaching of salts. Plant and soil samples were collected and analyzed for quality assessment during the growing period of 5 weeks.
Findings: The results revealed that application of medium dose of (N) gave better plant growth while higher dose led to a complete plant mortality. With (C) application, plant height was below the control level. Complete plant failure resulted from addition of (D) and (U) which reveals the hazard of chemical fertilizers application rates and date of application. A significant increase in soil pH and EC was evident with (U) and (D). An increase in soil organic carbon was observed with (C). Organic fertilizers play a major role in improving soil organic matter content and availability of plant nutrients in the long run. In addition, higher concentrations of Na and Mg were shown in soil samples after application of (U) and (D). Such phenomenon is related to the role of chemical fertilizers on leaching of soil minerals with irrigation water during the growing season.
Value: Therefore; application of fertilizers should follow regulations and monitoring so as to reserve the soil quality and minimize their hazards.
Keywords: Organic fertilizer; Chemical fertilizer; Soil quality; Plant growth

Reference to this paper should be made as follows: Khair, S.H.A., Saad, S.A., Elamin, B.M., Abutalib, B.M. and Ali, A., (2014) Effects of application of different fertilizers on Okra growth and soil quality, Int. J. Sudan Research Vol. 4 No. 2, pp.143-155


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