Economics of main food legume crops marketing in river Nile state of Sudan, Dr. Elgilany A. Ahmed and Prof. Hamid H. M. Faki

IJSRElgilany A. Ahmed, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia
Hamid H. M. Faki, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Sudan

Purpose: The paper aims to study the economics of marketing of food legume crops in the River Nile State of Sudan.
Methodology: The study depends mainly on primary data which was collected by using structured questionnaires for (70) randomly selected respondents through probability proportional method from Elzeidab public irrigated scheme of River Nile State as a case study. Descriptive statistical technique has been employed to achieve the objectives of the study.
Findings: the paper revealed that agricultural marketing system in the area of study suffered from numerous chronic constraints.
Value: The study concluded that stability and improvement of food legume crops marketing system contribute significantly to farm sustainability and alleviates malnutrition in the River Nile State. However, the actual marketing constraints restrict the sustainability of these important crops. So, the cooperation between international organizations and governmental institutions should tackle the hindrances of food legume crops marketing system in the River Nile State.
Keywords: Marketing system improvement; Farm productivity
Reference to this paper should be made as follows: Ahmed, E.A., and Faki, H.H., (2015) Economics of main food legume crops marketing in River Nile State of Sudan, Int. J. Sudan Research Vol. 5 No. 1, pp.71- 84


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