Supporting medical specialty training in Sudan: a framework for systematic engagement of Diaspora, Dr. Elsheikh Badr, Fayrouz Abdalla and Dr. Ayat Abuagla

IJSRElsheikh Badr, Fayrouz Abdalla and Ayat Abuagla, Sudan Medical Specialization Board, Sudan
 Purpose: The Sudan Medical Specialization Board (SMSB), established in 1995, graduated over 3000 medical specialists and is currently enrolling over 4000 residents across 33 different speciality disciplines. The SMSB is currently witnessing reform characterised by role differentiation, decentralisation of training and expansion of capacity to respond to healthcare needs in Sudan and beyond. The aim of this program is to promote and institutionalise Diaspora engagement to support the speciality training and reform within the SMSB.
Approach: The SMSB is proposing a Diaspora Engagement Model (DEM) based on three streams: supporting discipline-oriented training, helping with cross-cutting generic training and enhancing the institutional capacity of the board. The program involves identifying gaps and areas of needs in Sudan, developing an inventory of relevant Sudanese diaspora and implementing and monitoring the DEM.
Implications and value: Engagement of diaspora is expected to address numerical and quality gaps in speciality training and impart lasting capacities that lead to sustainability. Positive return is expected in terms of health workforce development, health system strengthening and population health improvement.
Keywords: Diaspora Engagement Model; DEM; Health professionals; Migration; Speciality training; Sudan
Reference to this paper should be made as follows: Badr, E., Abdalla, F. and Abuagla, A. (2016) ‘Supporting Medical Specialty Training in Sudan: A Framework for Systematic Engagement of Diaspora’, Int. J. Sudan Research, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp.103–112
About the authors

Elsheikh BadrElsheikh Badr
is a consultant public health physician with expertise in the health system and human resource development.
Fayrouz Abdalla is a medical doctor with experience in the health system, public health and community medicine. 
Ayat Abuagla Public Health Physician; Reproductive health and Health system expert. 
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