Housing as process: towards a multi-sectoral approach to urban poverty reduction in Khartoum, Tasneem Nagi and Budoor Bukhari

IJSRTasneem Nagi, University College London, United Kingdom
Budoor Bukhari, CH2M, UAE

Purpose: The aim of this paper is to highlight the significance of housing as a strategic tool in addressing the multifaceted nature of urban poverty.
Approach: The paper utilises a literature review around the nature of urban poverty contrasting it with some of the prevailing assumptions around the urban poor and informal settlements in Khartoum. By emphasising the various socio-spatial manifestations of urban deprivation, it seeks to highlight some limitations in current approaches to measuring poverty and qualify current strategies for its eradication
Findings: The paper establishes the relevance of housing, understood as a process surpassing the mere provision of houses, as a strategic front in addressing multidimensional poverty towards inclusive and sustainable urban development. It argues for reconceptualising the intellectual framework of housing policy to one that better responds to an expanded understanding of urban poverty and takes the urban poor into consideration as active agents of positive change
Value: Bridging the gap between housing and strategies for urban poverty reduction, the paper is a contribution towards rethinking housing policy in Sudan.
Keywords: Housing; Urban poverty; Socio-spatial justice

Reference to this paper should be made as follows: Nagi, T. and Bukhari, B. (2016) ‘Housing as Process: Towards a Multi-sectoral Approach to Urban Poverty Reduction in Khartoum’, Int. J. Sudan Research, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp.76–89

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About the authors

Tasneem-NagiTasneem Nagi
is an MSc student at the Development Planning Unit, University College London. 

Budoor BukhariBudoor Bukhari is an urban designer and development planning researcher, currently working as Urban Designer with CH2M.


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