What is Gum Arabic? an overview, Dr. Osama H. M. Idris

IJSROsama H.M. Idris
Agrigum International Limited, UK

Purpose: To encourage Gum Arabic exporters and investors in Sudan to spray dry their high demand Gum Arabic crop instead of exporting raw or semi raw Gum Arabic products. To increase the knowledge of Gum Arabic producers and consumers in Sudan and abroad regarding the diversity of Gum Arabic applications.
Social implications: Exporting spray dried Gum Arabic from Sudan will add value to the crop. The increased in foreign currency will have a positive impact on the income of farmers and Gum Arabic manufacturers. Increased Gum Arabic earnings will encourage the planting of more Gum Acacia trees. The Gum Acacia tree root has nodules containing Rhizobia bacteria; this helps to fix nitrogen in the atmosphere. Nitrogen fixation fertilizes poor soils and allows the reuse of exhausted soils and fights desertification.
Originality/value: This paper will highlight the wide range of applications of Gum Arabic, and how to spray dry the Gum Arabic products.
Keywords: Gum Arabic; Gum Acacia; Spray drying; Agglomeration; Kibbling; Manufacturing; Properties; Applications
Reference to this paper should be made as follows: Idris, O.H.M. (2017) ‘What is Gum Arabic? An Overview’, Int. J. Sudan Research, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp.1-14.


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