Significant bioactive compounds in crude methanol extracts and their fractions of Acacia Seyal Gum, Dr. Ahmed A. M. Elnour, Prof. Mohamed E. S. Mirghani, Prof. Nasreldin A. Kabbashi, Mohamed Z. Alam, Khalid H. Musa

Ahmed A.M. Elnour, Mohamed E.S. Mirghani*, Nasreldin A. Kabbashi and Mohamed Z. Alam
International Islamic University, Malaysia (IIUM), Malaysia
Khalid H. Musa
Qassim University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

This paper investigated the bioactive compounds (BC) of crude methanol extract (CME) and the soluble fractions of chloroform (CHF), hexane (HF), acetone (AF) and methanol (MF) of raw Acacia seyal gum (ASG) and commercial Prebio-T (PTC), respectively. The CME and its different soluble fractions were analysed and evaluated for their potential BC by using Raman Spectroscopy techniques. The findings presented many comprehensive variation rules of chemical components provided by the Raman spectrum. The identification process with the Raman spectra (RS) macroscopic fingerprint characters spectroscopy provided the details on gums and their extracts, chemical constituents, as well as the comparison of the differences of the components among the fractions. The results indicated that there are three Raman spectra of the enriched extracts obtained, and a comparison was made for the effective peaks against that of raw material gum (standard). The spectra of both raw gum samples (ASG and PTC) showed three major peaks at the approximated similar range of 2930, 1354 and 636 cm21; whereas the spectra of MCE, MF and AF showed the same bands at about 1903 to 1373 cm21. However, the MF spectrum showed two different bands at 805 and 572 cm21. The findings showed that methanol crude extraction (CME) was found to be more effective than AF fractions in all the assays mentioned. Based on this study, the bioactivity of CME and its rich fractions are considered very promising and beneficial for using Acacia seyal gum in food processing, medicine and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, the fingerprint peaks absorbance of other fractions might suggest some of the bioactive compound(s) of chloroform, hexane and methanol crude/fractions phytochemicals from Acacia seyal gum such as carotenoids (astaxanthin) and indolic alkaloids; phenolic compounds such as ferulic acid, p-coumaric acid, caffeic acid and sinapic acid. Therefore, Raman spectroscopy is considered an effective tool for bioactive compounds identification.
Keywords: Antioxidants; Extraction; Gum Arabic; Acacia senegal; Phenolic compounds and Raman Spectroscop
Reference to this paper should be made as follows: Elnour, A. A. M. et al.  (2018) “Significant bioactive compounds in crude methanol extracts and their fractions of Acacia Seyal Gum”, Int. J. Sudan Research, Vol. 8, No. 2, pp.99-112.

IJSR_V8_N2_2008_ELNOUR et al.pdf
IJSR_V8_N2_2008_ELNOUR et al.pdf

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