Can honey cure cancer? – clinical cases report, Rasha Alhaj

Rasha Alhaj
Queen Mary University of London, London, UK

Purpose: The aim of this paper is to share clinical case reports on the effect of honey on cancer patients. Findings: In the first clinical case study, honey significantly reduced the number of leukaemia cells. The second clinical case study confirmed the findings with persuasive evidence: honey reduced the stage of the cancer cells. What is special about this case is that only honey therapy was applied without any other treatment.
Originality/value: The first clinical case study confirms the anti-cancer effect of honey on cancer patients. Practical implications: The two clinical case studies give us an indication of the effect of honey on cancer patients. It is strongly recommended that a pilot study is carried out on one type of cancer, such as breast cancer, since both incidents and mortality rates are high due to this type of cancer in Sudan.
Keywords: Cancer; incident; mortality; honey; antioxidants; leukaemia; breast cancer


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