Tourism as a creative economy system: crafting a Sudanese model, Dr. Ali Mohamed Aliraqi

Dr. Ali Mohamed Aliraqi
King Saud University

After suffering decades of weak economic performance, Sudan has been looking for a new concept, examining old paradigms, and seeking optimum utilisation for resources; tourism stands as a neglected sector in this mechanism. The creative industries play a major role in generating, transforming knowledge, and developing faster than the global economy as a whole in recent years. This paper presents tourism’s creative economy potentialities, assessing the proposed impact on economic indicators: employment, investment, balance of payments, government revenues, etc. The paper re-evaluates tourism as a creative economy based on the characteristics of this brand. These encompass an enriching value chain, building human capacity, wide-base inclusive growth, and investing in cultural diversity. The following model contributes to Sudanese SDGs: suggested framework, policies, indicators and branding.



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