(pp.15-31) M. A. B. Alhaj and K. Sopian (2018) ‘Techno-economic study of photovoltaics and dish stirling engines for decentralised power generation in Sudan: Part 1: overview and methodology’, IJSR, Vol. 8, No. 1, 2018

Mohamed Atta ElManan Bakhit Alhaj
Hamad bin Khalifah University, Education City, Doha, Qatar PO Box 5825
Email: mohbakhitalhaj@hbku.edu.qa
Kamaruzzaman Sopian
Solar Energy Research Institute SERI, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Malaysia, PO Box 43600
Email: ksopian@ukm.edu.my

Purpose: This paper presents an overview of the power generation market in Sudan, solar energy potential, introduction to photovoltaics (PV) and the dish Stirling engine (DSE), and proposes a methodology for assessing the feasibility of these two technologies in Sudan’s climate.
Methodology: We carried out a detailed literature review of the electricity profile in Sudan, grid access, generation capacity, energy policy and the potential to use solar energy in Sudan for power generation. We also presented a brief technology overview of solar PV and DSE. The principles of economic analysis are discussed. Lastly, we proposed a methodology for carrying a techno economic assessment of PVs and DSEs in Sudan. The second part of this research project will include the outcomes of using this methodology.
Findings: There is a huge potential for solar energy utilisation in Sudan. Average daily solar insolation is 6.1kWh/ m2. Grid access is only 35.9%, and there is heavy reliance on gasoline and diesel generators.
Value: We carried out a comprehensive review of the electricity profile and solar energy potential in Sudan (given the scarce data), and presented important graphical results for solar irradiation in Sudan. Research limitation: There is almost no published data on the status of renewables in Sudan. No ground measurements data for solar radiation were found. This research was conducted in Malaysia; therefore, no onsite surveys or interviews were conducted.
Practical implications: More research work on the technical potential for solar energy is required and this should be peer-reviewed. This implication is relevant to researchers.
Keywords: PV; Dish Stirling engines; Renewable energy; Techno-economic; Sudan; Decentralised; Power plant
Reference to this paper should be made as follows: Alhaj, M. A. B. and Sopian, K. (2018) ‘Techno-Economic Study of Photovoltaics and Dish Stirling Engines for Decentralised Power Generation in Sudan: Part 1: Overview and Methodology’, Int. J. Sudan Research, Vol. 8, No. 1, pp.015–031.

IJSR_V8_N1_2018_Alhag_Sobian (1).pdf
IJSR_V8_N1_2018_Alhag_Sobian (1).pdf

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