Technology foresight in the Indian biotechnology innovation system

Pranav N. Desai, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
Purpose: Technology foresight or technology futures analysis is increasingly being recognised as a tool for planning sustainable development. Similarly, as argued by many, biotechnology could be harnessed for sustainable development. Hence, the present paper aims to map out foresight activities in the Indian biotechnology innovation system.
Design/methodology/approach: The present paper has adopted a systemic approach to analyse the foresight activities in the Indian biotechnology sector. An online Delphi survey including interviews were conducted for 750 biotech units.
Findings: It is the biopharma sector where greater need of foresight is felt and especially in the small and medium firms. The methodologies used are only pre-foresight in nature and for short-term time horizons. The output preferred is “setting the R&D Planning and priorities” and “assessing socioeconomic and environment impact” is not accorded a high priority. Most of the regulatory agencies do not carry out foresight exercise.
Originality/value: The research holds significance for evolving sustainable development policy.
Keywords: Agri-biotechnology, Biopharmaceutical, India, Innovation System, Sustainable Development, Technology Foresight
Outlook Desai.pdf
Outlook Desai.pdf

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