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Sheikh Babikir Ahmed Babikir

Islamic scholar, education consultant & public speakerChairman Rumi’s Cave
Location: London, UKWebsite: Rumi’s Cave ProjectWebsite: Personal


Originally from the Sudan, Sheikh Babikir arrived in Britain in September 1977. The Sheikh studied Mathematics, administrative management, personnel management and education. He worked in education from 1988 to 2013 as a teacher, head teacher and spiritual director. The Sheikh worked at Islamia Schools Centre which was founded by Yusuf Islam in 1983 as the first British Muslim School and helped in developing the school Islamic ethos. Since his arrival he has been working hard to promote Islam spiritual message amongst the native British. He started his first programme at London Central Mosque at Regents Park, which is currently known as Saturday Circle. He participated in founding AMS Association of Muslim Schools and IBERR International Board for Education Research and Resources. He promoted Muslim Schools at home and abroad through workshops and conferences. He participated in the development of the North London Community Centre where he met His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales for the first time as he had helped in raising the fund from his late Royal Highness King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz. Since then Sheikh Babikir has been involved in promoting the true message of Islam all around the world. In countries such as South Africa, USA, Nigeria, Indonesia, Qatar, Dubai, Morocco, Holland, Denmark, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many others. He has also worked at spreading this message within the British Isles in schools, colleges, universities, banks, religious institutions and many other organisations. Sheikh Babikir participates in promoting Britain and British Islam through the Commonwealth and Foreign Office. He also joined the Board of Mosaic a charity founded by the Prince of Wales. The Sheikh also delivers courses in different Islamic subjects in universities and Islamic Centres. One of the areas that the Sheikh is passionate about and has been working hard to promote is interfaith dialogues which he believes are essential in a multi faith Britain. Sheikh Babikir Ahmed Babikir (sometimes known as Sheikh Ahmed Abu-Bakr Al Sudani) studied the Islamic Sciences in Sudan under Sheikh AL Fatih Qaribullah. Sheikh Babikir continues his Dawah circle every Saturday night in London, which began at Regents Street Mosque and now takes place at The Islamic Centre of Brent. For many years the Sheikh has been actively helping the poor and needy in his native Sudan. In 2004 the Sheikh decided to start the work in an official capacity hence Ulfa Aid was founded. Ulfa Aid is an international Relief Agency helping the poor and needy around the world providing homes for homeless people. The Charity worked in Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sudan. In 2011 the Sheikh concentrated his work in London by founding Rumi’s Cave Project which provide an alternative space for all people. Currently the Sheikh leads Ulfa Aid with Rumi’s Cave Project as Chairman and continues his education and Dawa work as an educational consultant.



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