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Photo of Prof. El Tayeb Abusin

Prof. El Tayeb Abusin

Education AdvisorArabic Linguistic
Location: London, UK


Sudan Railways Administration; Ahfad Secondary Girls School; Registrar, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum; Executive Secretary, University of Khartoum; Fellowship, Faculty of Arts, University of Alexandria, Egypt; Minister of Regional, Northern Region, Sudan; Associate Professor, University of the North, Atbara, Sudan; Member of Senior Management Team, King Fahad Academy, London, UK; Dean School of Research Science, Dubai, UAE; Chair of Arabic Professorship, Oxford Academy for Higher Studies, UK; Chairman of London Board of Examination (IGCSE -Arabic Edexcel); Author of Arabic and Islamic Studies Courses leading to the final Syllabus of IGCSE and GCSE; Author of IGCSE Edexcel Syllabus, London; Academic Advisor of the Message International School, Sharjah, UAE; Consultant- Bin Ali Bin Rashid Establishment, Ajman, UAE; Dean, Sudan Oxford Academy (British System), Sudan; Dean, Aljazeera Academy (British System), Sudan; Dean, Saudia International Schools (British System), Sudan; Academic Advisor, Nile Valley Schools (British and American Systems), Sudan; Academic Advisor, Westminster International School (British System), Sudan; Academic Advisor, Nova International School (British and American Systems), Sudan; Representative, Manchester College & Noza Institutes (English Language Centres), Middle East; Consultant, Headway Training Centre and The International School of Assulamneya, Kurdistan, Iraq; Supervisor, English Language Institutions, Sudan; Leader of the Reading Programme Project (Book Caravan), Sudan; Chairman, Omdurman Islamic University Board (Abu Hamad Branch) Sudan; Leader of Mohammad Bin Rashid Arab Reading Challenge, Sudan Representative; BA Arabic, MA Arabic, PhD Arabic, University of Khartoum, Sudan.





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