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Khalafalla Omer, Architect and Urban Planner, Licentiate member of Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), Member of International Development Network and Author at URBANET platform. I graduated from MSc program of Urban Development and Planning from University of Manchester with Merit degree in November 2017. Plus I have BSc in Architecture and Spatial Planning along with MBA in Project Management from University of Science and Technology in Sudan. Since 2005 up-to 2016, I was doing architecture designs and directing urban development projects for certain clients and building consultancy firms. Plus, in my previous roles as Site Architect and Quality Control Engineer at leading consultancies and contracting companies, I have been monitoring high standard building construction projects, insuring that all construction activities are taking place according to quality management systems, ISO, BS Standard and other tender documents including working drawings, specification and BoQs. Plus, achieving the construction activities within the agreed timeframe and specified quality measures. Since 2016 up to-date, I had participated in many city planning works in national and international mentioned in the following:
1. Neighborhood Plan for Levenshulme area in Manchester: During my student membership of RTPI, I proposed a neighbourhood plan for the area of Levenshulme in Manchester city, this was a part of uni assignment work, which had been undertaken through two major steps. First, I did a site visit to observe and highlight the current condition of the area, plus I meet different community sectors to address their aspiration towards the area they are living in. The main agendas of the site visit and meetings was to examine the current situation of demographics, public spaces, housing, transportation, economic life, education and urbanism patterns. Then, I prepared a baseline analysis report for one of the planning agendas. The purpose of the report was to map the existing, deprived and desirable planning situations, critically examine the basic conditions and to come up with standout issues with reference to national policy, local development framework, official’s statistics, and other source of neighborhood planning. Second, a presentation is conducted to address the agreed planning agendas. The exact area to be planned is mapped, various methods for community engagements are set and the key issue raised from baseline are listed. The key issues are then critically examined through SWOT analysis for the sake of setting down a well-structured vision and objectives. Then, a collection of relevant policies is set and a two planning approaches is proposed. The preferred option is being chosen after critically examining the two options with reference to the outlined vision, objectives and relevant policies. At the end, a planning strategy is set to determine the plan period and funding options. The proposed neighbourhood plan promises a better livelihood for neighbourhood dwellers while maintaining and promoting the established policies and frameworks.
2. Reviewing the draft copy of National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), UK I participated in a roundtable discussion to review the draft copy of NPPF, the participants were reflecting a diverse set of planning interests such as councils, academic institution, consultancy firms and developer companies. In the roundtable discussion, there was contradicted interests between developers and planning consultancy firms over the viability assessment of development projects. Planning consultancy firms claim a fair assessment of project viability for the sake of locals benefits, while the developers favour not publicise information regarding residual appraisal with local community. I therefore write a critical review article for the sake of stimulating collective agreement over development-projects outcome.
3. Preparing Development Appraisal Report for property development project in Oldham city I prepared an inclusive report to address development options for a site at Oldham city. The report includes a full study necessary to ensure an appropriate development proposal that meet public regulations, local policies, market demand and the site conditions.
4. Directing International planning work. As a member of RTPI, I involved in reviewing the roadmap of Sudan National Urban Policy (SNUP) proposed by UN-HABITAT. Plus, promoted inclusive housing policy to urban actors of Khartoum city in Sudan. These works were directed within international urban activities of Urban October campaign initiated by UN-HABITAT.
5. Researching housing policies in Khartoum city. A part of my master program was a dissertation conducted to research housing policies in Khartoum city, it do so through examining spatial framework, housing adequacy measurements, financial approaches, resettlement practices and other urban laws that directs the delivery of housing the urban poor living in the city. Plus, studying the socio economic situation of low income people and labour working in informal sectors so as to deliver appropriate recommendations that would increase the accessibility to adequate housing.
6. Writing certain acadamic papers that address urban development challenges.
7. Writing articles regarding urban development issues at URBANET platform.
M.Sc. in Urban Development and Planning, The University of Manchester, UK
MBA in Project Management, University of Science and Technology, Sudan
B.Sc. in Architecture and Spatial Planning, University of Science and Technology, Sudan



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