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Musab Ismail

External Project ManagerZi-Alnorain Charitable OrganizationProject Management
Location: Portsmouth, UK


Zi-Alnorain charitable Organization Sudan,
December-2013 – June-2018
Assistant Project Manager
Development of plans for health and relief projects, Implementation of humanitarian projects, Project supervision, Scope Management, Time Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Risk Management, Procurement Management, Stakeholder Management.

Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF), Qatar
October-2015 – April-2016
Public Relations Officer
A spokesman for the Foundation, to take care of the company’s media policy and organization. Developing the system of communication with various
entities inside and outside the company. Identify important and different means of communication.
– Control of communication tools such as company brochure, newsletters, press releases, and even social networking pages.
_ Organization of the company’s activities. Online communication management.
– Follow-up sources of information in various media.

Union of Africa Humanitarians Organization (UAHO)
February-2014 – September-2015
Organizing conferences and workshops
– Interview customers to find out the purpose of the meeting or occasion.
– Plan everything related to the occasion including time, place, program and costs.
– Dealing with the customer to choose the appropriate place of residence and contract with the service providers.
– Coordination of appropriate services such as halls, transport and catering services.
– Discuss with the team responsible for the right place to coordinate details.
– Oversee the event in general to ensure customer satisfaction and attendance.
– Review incidental invoices and proof of payment.
MSc PROJECT MANAGEMENT university of Portsmouth



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