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Photo of Dr Nadir Elamin

Dr Nadir Elamin

Location: Manchester, UKWebsite: SJDA UK


Cardiology SpR @NHS with special interest in interventional Cardiology
Founder of:
Doctors in Markets
Interventional Cardiology St6
HEYH cardiology trainee representative
BHRS online Sub-editor lead
SJDA co-founder and Current Admin
Procedural Skills:
▪ Percutaneous coronary intervention (350 procedures; 268 primary operator, 232 secondary operator)
▪ Diagnostic angiography (700 primary operator)
▪ Permanent pacemaker insertion
▪ Temporary pacing
▪ Transthoracic and transoesophageal Echocardiogram
▪ Cardiac MR
▪ CVL and PICC Insertion
▪ Cardiac CT and MPS
▪ DC Cardioversion
▪ Chest Drain and Pleural Fluid Aspiration
▪ Lumbar Puncture
▪ Ascitic Fluid Aspiration
▪ Abdominal Paracentesis
▪ Suturing
Management Experience:
▪ The rota coordinator of the cardiology registrars in Sheffield teaching hospitals
▪ Introduced morning board round checklist in Sheffield teaching hospitals
▪ Designed a new Cardiology Home Clinic app (currently under development)
▪ Created an induction material for new Junior Doctors 2012 and 2015
▪ Designed and implemented a new system to improve the junior doctors handover over the weekend (CRANE)
▪ Created a new system to improve the VTE prophylaxis and prescribing issues in the Leeds General Infirmary Cardiology Department
▪ Developed and embedded a new system to care for Cardiology Department outliers at Leeds General Infirmary
▪ Developed and embedded an improved system for recording blood investigation results in medical notes.
Teaching Experience:
▪ Leader and director of the temporary pacing course recognized by the Yorkshire and Humber deanery
▪ Organised and led the cardiac pharmacology programme of 5th year medical students teaching weekly lectures, one-to-one sessions with ward pharmacist and pre- and post-course quiz.
▪ Was part of the new cardiology teaching session for first year medical students at the University of Leeds cardiology symposium
▪ Initiated the study group discussion programmes in the University of Khartoum in 2005
▪ Created examination checklist for 5 different systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, abdomen, peripheral nervous system and central nervous system) for 3rd year medical students
▪ One of the teachers on the FOOT programme teaching 5th year medical students
▪ Delivered bedside teaching for 3rd year medical students
Research, Audit, and QIP Experience:
▪ Mental and emotional stress among patients with acute coronary syndrome an observational study
▪ Audit assessing the waiting time for patients admitted to Rotherham district general hospital with ACS to have their diagnostic angiography and angioplasty
▪ Lead extraction service project in Sheffield teaching hospital, 6 years retrospectives study on patients underwent lead extraction
▪ Implementation of the GRACE score in patients with NSTEMI in the Cardiology Department.
▪ Study on monitoring renal function in patients with heart failure recently started on mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists; presented in ESC Heart Failure congress 2014 and abstract published in the European Journal of Heart Failure
▪ Prescribing Audit according to the NHSLA.
▪ Quality improvement project on prevention of risk of GI bleeding in ACS patients using PPI inhibitors – currently working on re-assessing following intervention
▪ Created an intervention and re-audited uptitration of betablockers and ACEI in ACS patients (NICE) – abstract submitted accepted by the European journal of hospital pharmacy (co-author)
▪ Introduced the Cause of Death Proforma audit in the Neurosurgery Department.
▪ Data Collector in a pleural effusion management study
▪ MRCP Full Membership: 2015
▪ MRCP (UK) Part II written: 2014
▪ MRCP (UK) Part I: 2013
▪ MBBS: University of Khartoum: Faculty of Medicine
Professional Development:
European Exam of General Cardiology 2019
▪ Good research practice e-learning
▪ Core Electrophysiology course Leeds November 2018
▪ CHIP-UK Glasgow 2018
▪ CTO course 2018
▪ Bristol PCI course 2018
▪ Derby PCI course 2018
▪ Core knowledge echocardiography BSE February 2016
▪ Cardiology simulation- at the BCS conference 2015
▪ Head start in cardiology 2015
▪ BMJ Masterclass in Cardiology: 2015
▪ IMPACT (Ill Medical Patients Acute Care and Treatment): 2014
▪ Central Line Insertion: 2014
▪ Careers in Cardiology: 2013
▪ Percutaneous coronary Intervention: (PCI3): 2013
▪ Foundation in Endovascular Practice (Cardiology): 2013
▪ Advanced Life Support: 2012
▪ Basic Endoscopy Skills: 2012
▪ Basic Suturing Skills: 2011
▪ RAMSI: 2011
▪ BHRS online Editorial: The PROCAMIO Study- learning messages
▪ Eur J Hosp Pharm doi: 10.1136/ejhpharm-2015-000783; Optimal dosing of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and ß-blockers for acute coronary syndrome: up-titration remains a challenge; co-author.
▪ European Journal of Heart Failure DOI: 10.1002/ejhf.93_13 Renal function monitoring for heart failure patients recently started on mineralocorticoids receptor antagonists; first author (Abstract).
▪ Developed the Cardiology Survival Manual for SHOs rotating through the Leeds General Infirmary Cardiology Department
▪ STEP Programme Book. Contributed 2 chapters to this international award winning programme
▪ NHS Choices Reviewer: edited and updated Pericarditis Article 2015
International Presentations:
▪ Oral presentation: 2nd global Cardiology Congress- Osaka 21-22/11/2018: 1. Mental and emotional stress among patients with Acute coronary syndrome. 2. Can we predict medium term mortality following transvenous lead extraction?
▪ Poster presentation: Athens ESC Heart Failure Congress: Monitoring of renal function in patients recently started on mineralocorticoids receptor antagonists: 2014
▪ Poster Presentation: Evidence 13 Oxford: Aetiology of Ascites in two large hospitals in Khartoum, Sudan: 2013
▪ Poster presentation: 3rd International Conference of Gastroenterology Khartoum, Sudan in collaboration with the European Society of Gastroenterology: Aetiology of Ascites in two large hospitals in Khartoum, Sudan: 2012
Regional Presentations:
▪ Oral Presentation: Audit meeting in Yorkshire & Humber Foundation Programme training day: Quality Improvement Project on Prevention of Risk of GI Bleeding in ACS Patients Using PPI: 2013
Local Presentations:
▪ Oral presentation: ACS waiting time at Rotherham general hospital
▪ Oral Presentation: Cardiology audit meeting at Pinderfields General Hospital: Monitoring of renal function in patients recently started on mineralocorticoids receptor antagonists: 2014
ESC Congress -Paris 2019
BCS conference 2019
▪ 2nd global cardiology congress- Osaka, Japan November 2018
▪ European Heart rhythm association congress Barcelona March 2018
▪ Heart rhythm congress Birmingham- 2017
▪ Imperial Valve conference 2015
▪ BCS conference 2015
▪ ESC Heart Failure Congress: 2014
▪ RCP Medical Careers Fair: 2013
▪ Evidence 13 International Conference: 2013
▪ BMA Medical Careers Fair: 2012
▪ International Endoscopy Workshop: 2010



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