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Yassin Hassan

Vocational Program Coordinator & LecturerInternational Technical CollegeVocational
Location: Mecca, KSALocation: Mecca, KSA


I am a passionate and strategically focussed IT and business training professional, with an extensive background and internationally progressive career in this field. During the course of my career, I utilized my specialism within IT to develop systems, networks, and individuals. I am well versed developing and implementing relevant training programmes in alignment with curriculum requirements. As a creative individual who leads teams by example, I have achieved Grade 2 in observations through OFTSED inspections and show high levels of competence surrounding the development of course materials, lesson plans, and structured feedback to ensure students received valuable experiences and achievement of vocational qualifications. I remain aware of the varying levels of ability and build this into my planning as well as ensuring I meet the needs of differing behavioral support. The breadth of my experience ensures I am adept in fast moving environments. I provide a strong track record in decision making and the implementation of various course needs. By nature, I am naturally tuned into people, understanding their needs and building relationships both internally and externally, demonstrating effective communication and leadership, to encourage collaboration. I assure I remain flexible and versatile to deliver excellence in service and education. With a strong educational background, combined with continuous professional development and experience, I am well suited to delivering and managing curriculum-led courses, assuring quality feedback and assessment. I have developed employability skills to support students and worked with local employers to enhance their progression in the working world. I enjoy attending conferences, seminars and training courses to ensure I am always learning and exposing my skills to wider audiences. I am interested in developing my contacts and remaining visible for future work opportunities. I look forward to connecting with you!



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