Photo of Sara Fathi Salih Khalil

Sara Fathi Salih Khalil


I am a dedicated and hard worker statistician, with good abilities to perform multiple tasks under extreme pressure. Stated my statistical journey by working in the UAE Census 2011 as a data entry.…

Photo of Mohammed Adam Abdalrhman

Mohammed Adam Abdalrhman

Photo of Mohamed Mahjoub Hussain

Mohamed Mahjoub Hussain


Interested in scientific research and making innovations. I Had two patents of inventions in both fields engineering and water. Superintendent at the Sudanese researchers Initiative foundation. Interested in new methods of teaching kids, the Founder of the ylla nabtaker  (let’s go innovating). …

Photo of Omer abdelrahim omer

Omer abdelrahim omer


عضو فريق المبتكرين الصغار
مشارك في مسابقة البطولة العربية للروبوت
مشارك في مسابقه روبوت يمتلك موهبتي
فائز في مسابقة الاردوينو والالكترونيات الثانية
مشارك بمعرض الخرطوم الدولى
صاحب مشروع عصا المكفوفين

Photo of Montaha Alfadil Mohamed

Montaha Alfadil Mohamed


عضو فريق المبتكرين الصغار
متسابقه بمشروع السله الذكيه
مشاركه في معرض المنتجين الشباب
مشاركه في الاسبوع العربي للبرمجه
متسابقه في منشط ساعه برمجه
مشاركة في مسابقه روبوت يمتلك موهبتي
متدربه في كورس Futter
متدربه في VMC Program 3

Photo of Dr. Eltahir AbuElgasim Mohammed Elshaikh

Dr. Eltahir AbuElgasim Mohammed Elshaikh

Assistant Professor and Dean of Admission and Registration

Dr. Eltahir A.M. Elshaikh is an Assistant Professor of Construction Engineering and Management and Dean of Admission and Registration at Sudan University of Science & Technology, Sudan. He is a PMP and RMP certified.…

Photo of Dr. Salma Yahia Mahmoud Associate Professor

Dr. Salma Yahia Mahmoud Associate Professor

Head of Department

Dr. Salma Y.M. Mahmoud is an Associate Professor of Construction Engineering and Management. She is the founder and head of the Civil Engineering Department at University of Science & Technology, Sudan.…

Photo of Yasmine Osman Sagady

Yasmine Osman Sagady


Architect Yasmine Osman Mohammed Abdelrahman(Sagady), BSc Arch., Sudan University for Science and Technology (SUST), 2013 (Fun fair for disabled kids), MSc., Building Services, SUST, 2017 (Applications of sustainable passive cooling and how to apply it –in hot dry climate- Case study: Khartoum state).…

Photo of Mohamed Abdalrhman Mohamed

Mohamed Abdalrhman Mohamed

Projects Planner

Eng. Mohamed A.M Ahmed is a Civil Engineer specialist in Construction Engineering and Management. He holds a master’s degree
in construction engineering and is working as projects planner in Al-Muhajir Contracting Company.

Photo of Khalid Rashad Hassan

Khalid Rashad Hassan


مؤسس فريق المبتكرين الصغار
عضو مبادره يلا نبتكر
متحدث فى TEDX Youth Oamk
حاصل على المركز الثاني على مستوى العالم العربي مسابقه روبوت يمتلك موهبتي
مشارك في مسابقه البطوله العربيه للروبوت
مشارك في مسابقه روبوت يتحدث العربيه
سفير مؤسسة قوم امشى اقرا التعليمية

Photo of Dr. Nadir Abuzeid

Dr. Nadir Abuzeid

Associate Professor

Associate Pofessor and first Consultant of Medical Microbiology Department of microbiology, Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Omdurman Islamic University, P.O. Box: 382 Omdurman – Sudan1-Novmber- 2018 up to date). Certificate of Full registration, First Consultants of Medical Microbiology Which approved from Sudanese National Council for Medical and Health Professions with registration number 040813662 (2015 up to date), Swedish Institute.…

Photo of Prof. Awad Saad Hassan

Prof. Awad Saad Hassan

Vice Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Awad Saad Hassan is Professor of Architectural and construction. A Vice Chanellor of Sudan University of Science & Technology from October 2019 till now . He is actively participating in technical committees appointed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Sudan Engineering Council for assessing and accrediting Architecture Engineering programs at Sudanese Universities and other private and public Universities and Colleges.…

Photo of Tarig Zein Ahmed

Tarig Zein Ahmed

Mechanical Engineer

Working in the construction industry for the past 6 years. Involved in the construction of London’s new underground metro and one of the busiest airports in the world. Recently completed a masters in sustainability leadership in the built environment with a thesis on solar PV in Sudan.

Photo of Dr. Ishraga Mohamed Ali Awad

Dr. Ishraga Mohamed Ali Awad

General Practitioner and Public Health Specialist

General Practitioner & Public Health Physician. Associate Director, GP Trainer and Safeguarding Lead. Previously, Consultant in Public Health (at Sandwell Primary Care Trust, West Midlands) leading on wellbeing for vulnerable adults. …

Photo of Dr. Hassan Ibrahim Mofadel

Dr. Hassan Ibrahim Mofadel

R&D Manager

Hassan Mofadel obtained his B. Sc., Egypt, M. Sc. Sudan and PhD Malaysia 2005, majoring environment stress physiology emphasized on low agronomic manipulations such as using compost for increasing water holding capacity and partial rootdrying technique  (PRD) for improving fertilizer and water use efficiency. …

Photo of Shahd Alam

Shahd Alam


Shahd Alam is a 13 year old girl with a high GPA and is a very sociable person she likes to play many sports consisting of football and basketball but also enjoys cooking and swimming.…

Photo of Dr. Andy Beckingham

Dr. Andy Beckingham

Fellow Faculty Adviser and CPD Adviser

Andy Beckingham has been a Consultant in Public Health for 16 years, was a Director of Public Health, is a Faculty Adviser and CPD Advisor and is currently Project Lead for the NHS national Medical Race Equality Standard.…

Photo of Dr. Amin E Elniema

Dr. Amin E Elniema

Traffic/Road Engineer and Consultant

Dr. Amin E. Elniema has 23 years of diverse professional experience in managing portfolio of large-scale highways, transportation & traffic studies, public transport and information technology projects. His experience ranges from transportation & traffic planning and engineering, geometric design of roads and railways, and construction management.…

Photo of Ruba Nessreldeen Omer

Ruba Nessreldeen Omer

Graduate Student

Graduate student of civil engineering. Passionate about innovations, researches, and new technologies in civil engineering. Interested in developing the transportation systems.

Photo of Dr. Mohamed Deifallah Yousif

Dr. Mohamed Deifallah Yousif

Post-doctoral Research Associate

Mohamed Deifallah Yousif graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Khartoum in 2009. Registered with Sudanese Medical Council in 2010 then worked in different pharmacies in Khartoum state and other states.…

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