Aims and scope

ENRIJ publishes research works of high quality and standard in its areas of interests, including full length original manuscripts, review articles and short communications or scientific notes. It is dedicated to improvement of current research in the field through provision of real interaction between scientists throughout the globe. However, views and thoughts in published works are the authors’ responsibility and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the journal.

The main themes covered by the journal may include the following:

  • Natural resources & biodiversity.
  • Ecology, bioclimatology & climate change.
  • Agriculture and organic farming.
  • Water harvesting& irrigation management.
  • Crop management & integrated pest management.
  • Bio-fertilizers & organic fertilizers.
  • Bio-pesticides, natural enemies & bio-control.
  • Soil fertility, desertification & land reclamation.
  • Environmental pollution & pollutant remediation.
  • Crop & animal production in arid and semi-arid areas.
  • Pasture management in arid and semi-arid lands.

Other topics related to the above themes are also welcomed. Manuscripts already published or submitted for publication elsewhere will not be considered.