The Critical Role of Diaspora in International Scientific Cooperation with the Country of Origin

This book includes contributions by international experts and high level Diaspora from the public and private sectors across the world on the critical role of Diaspora towards sustainable and inclusive knowledge-based growth in the country of origin to ensure countries of origin are benefiting from their Diaspora and competing at the forefront of science, technology and innovation (STI). This volume includes selection of the best papers presented during the 3rd Diaspora International Conference of World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) and Sudan Knowledge, held in London, UK 25-26 July 2016. The chapters in the book provide details of how to ensure relevant Diaspora groups are involved in the development and review of policies that impact on them or their country of origin. They are consulted with regard to the objectives and desired outcomes of the policy, and the best means of achieving them.
Editor: Dr. Allam Ahmed
ISBN: 978-1-907106-38-5
Date: July 2016
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  1. Return to the homeland: Dilemma of immigrants from developing countries
    Musa Shallal
  2. The development of the future leadership in Sudan: investment in human capabilities
    Ahmed Bannaga 
  3. Contextualizing socio-legal problems of Sudanese students in Malaysia
    Hunud Kadouf
  1. A UNESCO “Arab Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Facility”: A key to building an innovation economy in the Arab Region
    Nazar M. Hassan 
  2. Benchmarking assessment of the ICT ecosystem in Sudan
    Hassan Hamdoun, Osama M. Khair, Osama M. Ibrahim and Marwan A. A. Adam 
  3. Open innovation in practice – Google versus Microsoft
    Siham El-Kafafi and Jing Chai
  1. Research status and profile of the second didactic dietetics programme in Saudi Arabia: A response from a Diaspora of graduates
    Elham Aljaaly
  2. The integration of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) into a medical curriculum, an implementation model
    Abdelmoniem S. Elmardi
  3. Review of neurology specialist visits to Southern Darfur
    Isameldin M.H. Izzeldin, Asma E.I. Abdel-Gader, Khalid M.E. El-Talib and Hatim A. Nagi 
  4. Nutrition and dietetic services in the context to Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and the need of diasporic engagement
    Nahlaa A. Khalifa
  1. Assessment of the use of treated wastewater from oil refinery in irrigation, Khartoum-Sudan
    Sarra Ahmed Moh.Saad, Sufyan A. M. Osman, Ahmed Aldoma and Hind Abdallah Suliman
  2. North East Arid Zone Development Programme: Diaspora partnership opportunity in research and development in the Sahel of Nigeria
    Njidda M. Gadzama
  3. Economic value of agricultural water in Sudan
    Eltigani E. B. Abdelgalil and Mohamed E. Gali 
  1. Enablers and inhibitors for effective industrialization process in Sudan
    Adil A. Dafa’Alla, Elmouiz S. Hussein and Marwan A. A. Adam
  2. Review of the contribution and role of the manufacturing sector in the Sudanese Economy
    Adil A. Dafa’Alla


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