African Entrepreneurship in Global Contexts: Enterprise Solutions for Sustainable Development

Sonny Nwankwo, University of East London, UK
Allam Ahmed, University of Sussex, UK

ISBN: 978-1-907106-10-1 (Print) 978-1-907106-11-8 (ebook)
ISSN: 2042-602X (Print) 2042-6038 (ebook)


SECTION – I: Introduction

  • Marking the landscape of enterprise-led development (Sonny Nwankwo & Allam Ahmed)

SECTION – II: Concepts and African Dimensions

  • Family- owned businesses in Africa: Successorship issues and suggestions (Joseph Fola Aiyeku, Jerry Kolo & Bolajoko Dixon-Ogbechi)
  • Facilitating entrepreneurship in sub-Saharan Africa: What governments can do (Ven Sriram & Tigineh Mersha)
  • Promoting Economic Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship (Effiong Akpan)
  • The impact of risk management on entrepreneurial growth and development (Edna Stan-Maduka)
  • How far can energy investments promote sustainable economic growth in Africa? (John Adams)

SECTION – III: Country-Specific Perspectives

  • The Creation of New Firms: Empirical Evidences and Policy Repercussions from Cape Verde (António Carrizo Moreira)
  • Problems experienced by spaza shops (small African family groceries shops ) in 3rd World Countries: The case of South Africa (Louise van Scheers)
  • An Exploratory Study of Owner/Manager Characteristics, Firm Characteristics and External Factors Influencing SME
  • Growth in Nigeria (Atsede Woldie & Adebimpe Adesua)
  • Collaborative relationships, procurement practices and supply chain performance: The case of small and medium enterprises in Uganda (Joseph Mpeera Ntayi & Sarah Eyaa)
  • Accounting and Auditing Standards in Libya (Nassr Ahmad & H. Gin Chong)
  • Training as an innovative strategy in fostering growth and sustainability in Cameron (Fomba Emmanuel Mbebeb)
  • Fostering entrepreneurship education in South Africa: the role of sector education training authorities (SETA) (Kachesa E Bbenkele & Alain A. Ndedi)

SECTION – IV: Globalisation and the Role of Diaspora

  • Globalisation or Restructuring and Reproduction of Capital? (Tidings P Ndhlovu)
  • Globalisation and international relations: opportunities and threats for South Africa (C. M. van der Bank)
  • Cross Border Entrepreneurship and Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria: An Exploratory of the Lebanese (Charles J. Mambula)
  • Researching African entrepreneurship in the UK (Sonny Nwankwo, Nnamdi Madichie & Frances Ekwulugo)
  • African SMEs in the British Economy (Joe Ukemenam)
  • Entrepreneurship and the African Diaspora (Ken Ife)
  • Profiling Black African Entrepreneurs in the UK (Sonny Nwankwo)
  • Entrepreneurship and SMEs in London (UK): Evaluating the role of black Africans in this emergent sector (Frances Ekwulugo)
  • Exploring whether London based Black African Businesses are more likely to Fail, Falter or Flourish (Cordelia Osewa-Ediae)
  • Black British business people: the emerging business force in London (Eric Osei)
  • Ethnicity and entrepreneurship: African-Caribbean entrepreneurship in the UK (Patrick Azubuike Okonta)
  • Marketing practices of African and Caribbean small businesses in London, UK (Charles Blankson, Ogenyi E. Omar & Trang Tran)